Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love Teaching

I have been in the teaching profession for the past 23 years. This is my third school, and I have been here for 16 years.

I love the people and the surroundings here. This is an excellent school, good in academics and sports. I feel very relaxed and peaceful teaching in this school.

I really enjoy teaching. Teaching has become part and parcel of my daily routines. I don't know what to do every time when there is a long holiday. Somehow I will start to look around and do some works related to my teaching career.

I remembered how I hated teaching in my first few years as a teacher. There were always desires to grumble and complain about students and fellow teachers. Sometimes, I had these thoughts and feelings to quit the teaching profession. I dreamed of joining a well-established company. Then I dreamed of starting my personal business. But over the years, the quitting thoughts and feelings had slowly gone away. And I began to love teaching, more and more.

I enjoyed helping my students achieve good academic results. I enjoyed seeing them scored in their public examination. I enjoyed having them come back as professionals and experts in various fields. And I felt happy when they joined me as teachers too.

Teaching has made me become a well respected teacher. Many students look up to me when they need helps and advices; sometimes parents too come to hear me. In fact, they always have questions about their studies and career paths.

I miss my ex-students and my ex-fellow teachers. I continue to connect to them through social network like Facebook. Here I learned of their life and family, and their recent happenings. I am happy to wish them happy birthday, happy engagement or happy wedding, etc. I thank Facebook for helping me to stay connected to them.

Some people said teachers are serious people. I have to agree. Every time I look at the big mirror, I can really see how serious I have become with an old-fashioned hairstyle and a face without a smile. Now I have to learn to wear a smile wherever I go.

As I looked around today, I discovered many teachers as fat as me. I remembered years ago, when we first reported to the school, we were all thin, in fact very thin. But now we look so different with our bulging tummies. Can't imagine how the heavy workload has kept us so occupied that we seldom have time for sports and games!

My children never like teaching; but I am not surprised. It can be the stresses and tensions that they have seen in their father's face, that they had decided to stop thinking about teaching as a career.

I am now in my 50s. I have still 8 more years to go and enjoy my teaching career. But I think I will be alright; I will teach to the very end.

I love teaching.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

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Friday, January 14, 2011


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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Conflict

Your good friend is arguing with his wife. It is a heated and emotional argument, and they are screaming and shouting at one another. Now you are caught in the midst of it. What would you do?

Situation like this can happen when you visit, dine or stay with your friend. Initially, the atmosphere maybe warm and welcoming, with laughter, jokes, and relaxed conversation. But then, something happens and conversation becomes personal and emotional....

For those who have experienced before, this may pose less problems. But if you are new to situation like this, what would you do?

Situation can become worse and complicated if both the husband and the wife are your very good friends. Now they both look at you, asking you for your opinions and judgments. What would you say?

It is faster and easier to help our friends to deal, analyze and solve problems. But conflicts between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, or any other family conflicts can never have a simple solution.

I will insist not to take side with anyone, even if we know for sure that one party is clearly wrong. Family matters are personal matters. It is better not to meddle or it may backfire.

I personal will make excuses and leave the place if they are other family members around and they are in good hand.

If I am to stay, I may help with the clean up or take the children away from the conflict.

What would you do if your best friend is having family conflict?