Friday, November 27, 2009

Finding A Better Rhythm In Life

I read about some tips on living a longer and healthier life. I wonder whether you would agree.

Basically there are three things that we must do slowly...

We must eat slowly and chew well, so that our body will receive the necessary nutrients for everyday activities. We must relax and enjoy our food peacefully, with no mental and emotional worry.

We must be slow to get angry. We must learn not to lose our cool easily. Short-tempered people always do foolish things. We must learn to forgive others and seek to calm down ourselves as soon as we can.

We must always be at ease and let our heart beats slowly. Is that how and why the giant tortoise has a much longer life span?

And there are four things that we must do fast....

We must walk fast to increase our body metabolism and increase the body energy level. We must walk fast to decrease our body fat percentage and the risk of diseases.

We must react fast to various stimuli and senses. Our flexibility and adaptation to changes will determine our survival and ensure future prosperity.

We must have smooth and fast bowel movement – We must not have constipation and digestion problems.

We must be fast asleep. And our sleep must be well and deep.

Interesting article...make sense to me.

What do you think?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

People Respect Us Because We Respect Them

People respect us because we are dedicated and committed to what we say and do everyday.

They respect us because of our talents, knowledge, vision and principle.

They respect us because of our determination, tenacity, resilience and assertiveness.

They respect us for the superior quality of our services and products.


People also respect us because of what we have gone through and what we have ended up with.

They respect us for what we have dealt with in our past.

They respect us for our strong mind, stout heart, and iron will.


People also respect us for our manners, kindness and conduct.

They admire our honesty, fairness and integrity.

They welcome us because we always try to avoid confrontation, and always seek to address issues in a positive and constructive way.


People also respect us for our differences.

They respect us for our different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, and different dreams.

They respect us for our ability to make everything and everyone look so good.


But most of all, People respect us because we respect them.

We can only earn our respect from others by respecting them.

Do you agree with me?

Good day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rambling Thoughts On Love

God said "Love your neighbor like yourself".

This is a commandment of God and we must keep it.

But too many of us treat this commandment as negative.

And we keep the commandment to the very minimum....

God said "Love your enemy".

This is a commandment of God and we can have no other option.

But many of us see this commandment as too way...

And we wouldn't do anything, not even a smile or a greeting.

But over years, as we delve into God's Word, we find many wonderful truths in these commandments.

The commandment to love our neighbor and enemy makes us realized just how careless and negligent we live our life.

Many of us don't even keep a record of our daily activities.

Many of us still have a lot of bad habits.

Many of us have poor attitude.

And this command to love others means we must learn to love ourselves.

We can never love others if we don't love ourselves.

Look at the way we patronize every conversation.

Look at how possessive we play games.

Look at our commanding attitudes and actions.

Time to change and correct ourselves.

Yeah, love others as ourselves.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

These People Don't Always Bite You

Once I used to get very mad at those who habitually spoke behind people's back.

I just didn't like their petty and trash talk about others.

Those insinuating and offensive words about others often caused me upset and made me angry.

Those bombastic and ironic words could often penetrate the deepest heart, torment the thoughtful mind, and dampen the desire and enthusiasm of others to thrive and develop.

And I always wondered just what type of man they are, wasting so much time and energy meddling into the affairs of others.

And they were always so arrogant and self-righteous.

... and so quick to marginalize and ostracize others.

... and so rude and bad mouthed.

It was really horrible....horrible...

And they continue to haunt me today, bringing me daydreams and nightmares.


... I will try my very best to avoid them

... I will try my best to escape if I am caught in a backbiting session.

But sometimes I am stuck... and have to hear them talking bad about relatives, friends, and colleagues.......

Oh..... those foul mouths.

Oh..... I really have a lot of bad remarks about them.

But lately, my friend came up with a good idea.....

They love to talk bad about us......

... because we are beautiful.

... because we are more clever.

... because we are more happy.

... because we have more friends.

... because we are ........and have ........

So the next time if others are talking behind your back....

Believe me.... they maybe praising you.

But don't come near them...

... because they maybe feel shy.

Smile and have a positive outlook always.

These people don't always bite you...