Friday, May 29, 2009

Will You Move?

It is a promotional post, but requires us to state whether we are willing to move to a new location if the need arises. Will you apply for the post?

It is always difficult to decide when it involves separation from a comfortable home and adaptation to a new environment.

Some have difficulties parting with their loved ones. Bringing family alone involves too much hassles and expenses, and it is just not feasible.

Others just go ahead, alone or with the family. It just has to be done if we are to succeed in our chosen career path.

Some say, "It is okay to go ahead and apply if you are still young or your service is still long. " Others say, "What is the point of having a higher salary and promotions if it involves parting with your loved ones and go on to live in a place without the basic services and facilities?"

After much contemplation and comparison, some just go on to apply for the post. Some quietly pray that they will stay put while others just smile away, taking things easy.

But some remain indecisive as to what to do. They complain and grumble and murmur, blaming the promotion post as not sincere and fair to all. But it is stated clearly that if we are to apply, we must be willing to move should the need arises.

What would you do?

Will you move?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lonely People Need Not Always be Lonely

Sometimes I feel lonely in the midst of some meetings.

I try to pay attention and listen carefully to the voices of those who speak but they seem so foreign and don't seem to interest me. Instead they provoke me to anger and bring me to shame, and I just have to shut off my ears, close my eyes, or turn my attention away to something interesting.

I don't see the point of listening to negative commentary about somebody. Who are we to judge others privately, thinking and feeling we are a class above all others? Who are we to criticize others, when we ourselves are doing the same disgusting things? Who are we to cause shame and embarrassment to one who is so innocent and kind to us all this while? But somehow this group of people are ready with their justifications and excuses if any query arises.

I also don't enjoy listening to someone who mumbles and rambles and talks aimlessly. I believe in thinking through what we have to share and then talk clearly and precisely. Don't speak when our thoughts and speech are not ready. Indecisive and hesitations have always cost us many hours of wasted valuable time. And I am sick of wasting time.

Sometimes I manage to find someones who are as lonely, and we smile helplessly and shrug our shoulder. Sometimes we sit together and share our thoughts. In due time, lonely people stick close together in the midst of a meeting and talk happily.

Lonely People Need Not Always be Lonely.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High Hope

The Lower Six students have just reported to the school. Registration and orientation for the new students are conducted promptly and effectively by the prefects and the senior students.

After a few days of intensive programs and activities to make them realize and appreciate the school's values, culture and environment, the new students are made to settle down fast and be ready to choose their subjects combinations and get serious about their study.

It is heartening and uplifting to observe and admire their zeal and courage and love to get to know the subjects offered. They throw in a lot of questions to the teachers. They even inquire the teachers about the various strategies and techniques to work toward their goals.

It is also heart-warming and inspiring to see the teachers advertise and promote their subjects. Various efforts are made to get hold of quality students and to attract a hugh and devoted following.

Much discussions are underway and some students even move from class to class to have a better look.

I am stirred up and ready for the challenges ahead. My only hope is that their interests and curiosity will not fade away soon. I hope they are not like the flowers that sprout out happily below the stones, blossom for a little while, and wilt and die fast.

They have high hope in me just like I have high hope in them. Together, let's struggle and create history.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gaining Respect

How do you gain your respect from your friends? The bible has a straightforward answer : Love your neighbors as yourself.

Answer like this seem so far fetched but is really a natural and necessary ingredient for a happy and contented lifestyle.

If only we have more respect for our friends' knowledge and expertise, we will gain more wisdom and understanding. The funny thing is that as we grow older, we become more stubborn. We want others to listen to us but we never like to lend our ears to them. Oh! How I wish we are like the willows, ever willing to bow and be humble.

If only we have more respect for our friends' standing and position, we will submit and be of assistance to them who work hard for the good of the people. But the funny fact is that as we grow older, we just love more strife and contention. Winning has become a familiar sensation that needs to be nourished and nurtured often to thrive. We just can't spend a moment without argument and disagreement.

If only we have more respect for our friends' personality and character, we will be more loving and tolerance, and will always respect their stance and view. The funny truth is that as we live longer, we have our own mindset and our ways to approach different things. And other people's views and assertions are just pure wasting of time. Oh! What thick and nearly impregnable face we have, and how unashamed of our look.

If only we are more generous and favorable toward others, we will have more close and loving friends, who will always respect and stand by our side.

Yeah, if only we respect others as ourselves...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Miss Our Home

It was never easy to send someone dear to the airport and then said goodbye. I for one had a hard time seeing my son went on that plane and traveled away from us.

There was nothing to be sad or worry about. He was on his way to further his study. And the fact that he had gone on a flight much easier before gave us great confidence that he could carry himself on the far away land. Nonetheless, the four of us did feel a bit upset when he was moving toward the departure passage, waving his hand and smiling.

My youngest daughter was without words as she greatly missed her brother. My eldest daughter also covered her tears as she had only enjoyed his presence for a short while after returned home two weeks ago. My wife was worried and full of advices for my son. I was much quieter today though deep inside I wanted my family to be together. But we knew that all things worked for good for those who loved the LORD. And so we bid him farewell with our smiling faces.

Driving home was with a sad note. Everyone was quieter though the drive was smooth. The heavy downpour did give us a bit more melancholy.

When we reached home, we rested and had our baths. Then we had our dinner and then the children were back to their own room. It was not until we heard the phone rang that we rushed out of our rooms. My son had arrived and he sounded happy. Everyone was again smiling and laughing.

But we miss our son. And we know we will miss our eldest daughter again when she goes to further her study next mouth. But as we think of our youngest daughter – we know that she is the loneliest of all. But we know that she will go one day as well to further her study.

Looking around the big house, we wonder when will it be filled again with love, joy and peace...

Yeah, we miss our home...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Cares? They Are Not Our Children.

During weekdays, I normally park my van outside the school's back gate every evening, waiting for my youngest daughter to return from school. Yet that 15-20 minutes wait often filled me with emotions.

I see students hurry out with no considerations of the moving vehicles. They knock on vehicles with no fear and just smiling away. They run and race with the other students. Sometimes they shout and curse at one another. I wonder why children are so reckless and rude today.

I see students digging into their pocket and taking out packs of cigarettes. 13-15 year old teenagers puffing cigarettes in public. Some of them even walk around borrowing lighter.

I see students drinking low grade alcohol and wine behind the trees, talking foolishly and jeering at the people around.

I see girl students with the thick and heavy makeup and the latest hair fashion. I see them speaking into expensive and trendy handphones. But I am sad to see they bring along only a few books to school.

I look at the parents around with their younger children. Everyone is waiting with anticipation and anxiety. Some stand very near to the school gate because they have sick, retarded and problem children. Everyone is very keen to get their children home early.

The public seem not to care much about others. Some are smoking and cursing in public. Some are speaking with dirty language. Some are booing and jeering one another. Some just spit and urinate wherever they feel fit.

But no one will speak up about the social ills around us. Everyone is busy protecting their own children, making sure that they are not influenced.

The common response is always the same – "Who cares? They are not our children" .