Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vertical or Horizontal Striped Shirts

Some salesgirls told me,"For fat people, it is better that they wear vertical striped shirts. They make them look thinner and slimmer. But for thinner people, it will be better if they put on horizontal lined shirts, so that they can look broader or fatter."

I looked at them, feeling rather pleased and convinced with the first two rules that I had learned about choosing better clothings for myself, and that was more than 30 years ago.

Now hanging in my wardrobe, I have a lot of vertical lined shirts for formal and special occasions. I don't know whether it makes other people think and feel that I am thinner or slimmer, but I do feel pleased when I put them on; somehow I feel nicer and special. LOL

But as I looked at my t-shirts, I discovered that I had a lot of wide horizontal striped t-shirts of different colors. I was surprised that I didn't follow the rule when it came to buying t-shirts. It might be that t-shirts are casual wears and nobody will care what to wear.

There are people who told me that plain dark colored shirts are good to hide the figure too, and we can hide our fat tummy away. But if we want to show our figure, then plain, lighter-colored shirts will be nice.

There are also those who claimed that wearing a long robe will make us look thinner too. Sound good to me since I have discovered lots of ways to hide my fat tummy away. LOL

As I continued to take note of my wardrobe, I discovered that I also had a lot of abstract and artistic designed shirts. These are the shirts that I love to wear during the weekends and the holidays when we make a trip to the beach or the country home.

I believe there are many rules when it comes to choosing and using our clothing, and many of us have our own views and opinions too. What we think, feel and do may not be the same, since we all have our own preferences and tastes when it comes to choosing the things that we would like to have.

What is your opinion on this? Do you love striped shirts or do you prefer plain clothings? Do you like vertical lined shirt or horizontal shirts?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ugly Scars

Do you have scars on your body? I have many scars.

I have a scar from a motorbike exhaust burn on my left leg. I remembered I was 10 years old when I had the habit of sitting on my brother's motorbike. But then, there was this one day, when the motorbike engine was still hot when I sat on it, and I was unable to handle its weight with my body weight, that I had the left side of my left leg kissed the very hot exhaust. It was a searing pain in my heart every time I thought of it. The scar reminded me of my naughtiness, playing with my brother's motorbike.

I have a brother who has a long scar on his right thigh. It was caused by a rusty nail from a wooden box running through his thigh as he jumped into a river and swam.

I believe many of us have scars on our body; I have yet to know a friend who doesn't have any scar.

To me, scars are good. They reminded us of past experiences imprinted on our bodies. They serve as a reminder every time when we are thinking of doing the same things again.

Until this day, I will be very careful every time I used a motorbike. I am scared to get another motorbike exhaust burn.

Some of us are scared of height. They have dropped down from high places and there are some scars left behind. I have some scars on the left side of my left thigh. I remembered I hit against sharp gravels when I fell. I can feel the pains every time I touched them.

Some of our scars disappeared with them. If we examine our body carefully, some of our scars have faded and disappeared. Maybe God doesn't want us to see too many scars. Those scars on our bodies are enough to tell us that we need Him in everything we do.

Some of us have big and ugly scars that will be very difficult to remove. Some of us have used various types of scar removal creams and gels, and manage to remove most of their scars. But I am yet to know a man who have removed all of their scars.

There are many physical, emotional, mental, psychological, etc scars that are hard to remove and will continue to torment us for life. Sometimes we really need to find some good people to talk about those scars.

I remembered the many scars caused by thorns, broken glasses, sharp debris, nails etc. when we walk and run around barefooted as we played. Now the remembrance of them still sent a chill down my back.

How about you? Do you have many ugly scars? What do they remind you of?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Decided To Let Go

You were deeply in love with your girl. You had known her and been with her for years. Everything was running so smoothly between you two, and everyone was anticipating you two to come together. You looked at her with love, and so was her, and you two knew that you belonged together.

Then, suddenly one day, your best friend came to you. He was crying and begging you to let go of your girl. He was deeply in love with her, and he couldn't live without her.

You looked at him for a long, long time; he was your only best friend. You looked at him with love, pity and compassion. You didn't have the heart to let him down; you didn't have the heart to say no. He looked so sad and pitiful when he cried.

You remembered hearing rumors of them coming together, and you had forced yourself to see them with your own eyes. You didn't expect it to happen, but your best friend was dating your girl. Your heart cried in pain every time you thought of them coming together...

You shook your head and was really filled with anger. You held your fists, really tight. You were hurt, badly hurt.

Then you remembered his words, that you were handsome and smart, and could easily find another girl, but he said he couldn't!

Teardrops rolled down your face. You were crying silently; your heart was rent apart.

You finally nodded your head and decided to let go...

You had confronted your girl before this; but she was undecided as to what to do. You were unhappy with the whole thing; you didn't expect it to be that way.

You sat down in a quiet corner, thinking about the love triangle. You didn't like it at all. Love is mutual and love is reciprocal. Love is not three dimensional and love needs no competitor.

You finally walked away from your best friend.

And you had decided to leave your girl too.

You had made up your mind.

You just wanted to let go.

Maybe that was the best way -

You walked away,

And returned no more.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Driving Alone When Sleepy

Do you ever feel sleepy while you are driving? I do, and sometimes I can be very sleepy.

Driving while very sleepy is very dangerous. I have a good friend who fell asleep while he was driving on a quiet straight road. His vehicle went into the ditch alongside the road. Good thing he and his family were not seriously injured.

It is wise if you have someone who can help in keeping you awake while you are driving. You need someone who can talk and joke, but not distract your attention to drive. You need someone who can pass you a drink, some sweets, or food to make you refreshed and energized. You need someone who can massage your neck and shoulder to keep you relaxed and stay focused. You need someone who can help you to read the road environments and give you better judgments, etc.

It will be better if you have someones who can drive with you; it will be nice if your spouse and children can drive. At least, you can take turn to drive carefully and safely.

Driving alone while very sleepy is definitely not recommended. So is driving without a second driver. Doing so will only put your life and other people's lives in danger. And it is very irresponsible of you to do so.

It will be good if you can find some place to take a nap or rest. It will be better if you can wash your face and head. It will be best if you can have some hot food and drink, and have some fun and relaxed. You need to do something different and you can feel all the difference.

There are many cases of bus accidents involving sleepy drivers. The news is all over the newspapers. We have read of them and we have seen many scary accidents photos. But surprisingly not many seem to care, and we are seeing more and more of this sort of accidents throughout the world.

Many road accidents involve sleepy drivers. It may or may not be happening to you. But it is better safe than sorry. You never know what will happen to you on the road; I would advise you to drive carefully.

So the next time when you are thinking of driving while you are very sleepy, it is wise to stop and ponder for a while. You may really need a nap!

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