Monday, July 27, 2009

Does winning really matter?

Does winning really matter to you?

Some quarrel until the whole family is involved in the conflict.

Some argue until they are blue in the face, keep on insisting that they are right.

Some scream and shout until the local community is well aware of the situation.

Some use very abusive language and made ridiculous accusations and very serious threats.

Some dig out past stories and blow the whole issue way out of proportion.

Some get up and push and pull one another until some fall down and are beaten.

Reputations are destroyed, and all the money in the world can't buy them back.

Properties are destroyed and windows and doors are shattered.

Relationships are left devastated and forever changed.

And all because of selfish interests and motives.

And all because of personal reasons or interests.

And all because of jealousy and business rivalries.

And all because of big mouth, big ego, and bad judgments.

And all because of competition and fighting for attention.

Does winning really matter to you?

When you are in the field, winning is the only thing.

It is when you leave the field that you begin to feel that the price to win is too high.

I prefer friendship than enemies.

And I will make sure that I win friends always.

Life is too short to have too many enemiies on our journey.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Sun And Rain

It had not been raining for the past two weeks.

Everyday the weather was scorching hot and humid.

The haze was thick and visibility was poor with the indiscriminate burning.

Many were having cough and fever.

Work had become slow and arduous.

Many people were not in the mood to talk, to joke and to sing.

The working environment became difficult and stressful with the many datelines due back to back .

Trees and plants dried up and wilted with the lack of water.

A few fish in my pond had just died when the water became shallow and contaminated.

The river nearby narrowed considerably and few children were seen bathing in it.

The night was stuffy and humid.

The fans were at full blast. Many still tossing and turning all night.

So sleep didn't come easy.


Then the heavy rain came and it lifted up everyone's mood.

Many people were seen talking happily, joking, singing and laughing.

The children had cheerfully rushed to the river enjoying their swims and dives.

The trees and plants were again refreshed and revived in the soaking rain.

The fish in the pond were seen happily consumed the feed provided.

The air was stale and musty initially. But the caress of the cool breeze slowly refreshed the body, the mind and the spirit.

The weather was cool and windy again.

The rain was most pleasant and welcoming.


Then the rain stopped.

Everyone was then back to normal routine at work, at school, in life and so on.

No one seemed to thank the LORD God for the sun and rain.

What matter most was their themselves.

What is lacking in men is always the same – thanksgiving and gratitude.

How sad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Belong Together

"Do what is right."

This is the recurring thought that always comes into my mind every time I have unsolved problems.

Often time life can be very stressful and frustrating when the surrounding people always bend on backstabbing and fault finding.

Often time life can be very boring and monotonous when day in day out we have to keep tight on our daily routines.

Often time life can be very disheartening and lonely when all around are people who love challenges and competitions.

But I believe we can make a difference if we do what is right by listening to the heart.

We may have to adapt to the system. But once in a while, we must not be afraid to be different.

Learning to work and have fun with the people around do help to rise our spirit and cheer us up.

Sometimes I learn to count on my blessings more than looking deep into my problems, and this helps to calm me down and make me feel more thankful.

Sometimes I learn to put all my heart into the things I do, and I start to enjoy my day.

Sometimes I speak to myself quietly, encouraging myself to go on despite the troubles ahead.

Sometimes I learn not to expect too much from my subordinates, I learn to believe that they have done their best.

I learn not to voice my anger, scream aloud and insulting others on things that cannot be corrected and improved. I learn to be forgiving and forgetting.

I learn to analyze and evaluate my works so as to improve my skills and my talents.

I learn not to anticipate earthly rewards and recognitions, when I learn that God the Father will not forget my good deeds.

I learn to exercise the power of team work, for I know "Together Everyone Achieves More".

And I learn to share all I am and all I have.

It is not difficult after all when we realize that we belong together.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can You Tell Me What Is Love?

They said when you have someone always in your mind and you share many common thoughts and interests, you belong to one another. Then you should come together. My answer is "Slow down." You may not feel for one another and be willing to commit yourselves.

They said when you have fallen for someone deeply and you share many common concerns and cares, you are made for one another. Then you should be in the same love boat, ready for lifetime adventure. My answer is "Slow down." Try to be more rational than emotional, your feelings for one another may be short-lived and you may regret your decision later.

They said when you have found someone whom you care and who can also take good care of you, you are destined to get married. My answer is "Slow down". Love is not acting in a movie; it is a real life adventure with many feelings and thoughts.

Love is not just thoughts. It needs real and everlasting concerns and cares for one another in every aspect of our lives. And it is also the outpouring of our thoughts and feelings.

Love is not just feelings. It needs sincere thoughts and wishes for one another. And it requires real actions to bring out that feelings.

And love is not just actions. It is actions that are the results of careful thoughts and feelings for one another.

Adam yearned for a helper and he found his perfect mate in Eve. Adam called Eve "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh."

Love is a total sacrifice for one another. It requires complete surrender.

Love is a full responsibility for one another. It requires total commitment.

Love is a genuine concern for one another. It requires sincerity and truth.

And love is unconditional.

And love is forever.

And sometimes love is unthinkable, unreasonable, very emotional, and action-packed.

So what is love? Now I am confused.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh Doggie, We Cry For You

Someone has poisoned our dog.

Doggie joined our family two years ago. It was a cute little dog and always ready with its many tricks and moves. Doggie filled our family with much thrills and excitements.

Doggie didn't like noise. He would bark at the sound of firecracker or people talking loudly in the vicinity.

But doggie recognized familiar faces and it would wagged its tail and greeted them with his familiar tricks and moves.

Dogie had mood too. Sometimes, he refused to take bath or played with you when he was not in the mood.

We didn't castrate doggie but we didn't allow him to mix freely with other dogs.

Doggie lived under a set of rules.

Doggie always shitted at his usual place and it would not go near the place again until the place was thoroughly cleaned.

Doggie had to rush out of the house to urinate. He would howled and barked until someone brought him outside the house.

Sometimes doggie needed a stroll and he would bring his chain to you.

Doggie enjoyed playing with insects and little kitten, but not bigger animals.

Doggie was very protective and he would not tolerate strangers peeping outside the house. He would rush to them and frightened them off.

But doggie listened to everyone of us. And he would always do our biddings.

But someone had poisoned doggie.

Doggie suffered more than a week, vomitting and shitting uncontrollably. He slowly became weak. We didn't have animal doctor around town and we had no experience with sick animal.

Doggie didn't want to eat for a week. It resorted to plain water which we put plenty around him.

Doggie coughed in pains and couldn't move anymore. But we were not around to take care of him because we were sending our children off by air to their respective college and university.

Doggie breathed its last. He died at about 11 a.m. yesterday morning.

Thank you doggie for filling our lives with so much joy and laughter. Thank you for accompanying us when we were sad and bogged down by problems.

Doggie, rest in peace...

Oh doggie, you will be our last dog... for we can't tolerate and accept the fact that someone will be that cruel as to poison our dog.

Oh doggie, we cry for you