Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Children’s Choice Dental

Everyone loves a healthy, clean and beautifully arranged teeth.

This is only possible if we take proper care of our tooth from childhood.

It is the duty of the parents to take care of their children's tooth from the beginning.

Pediatric Dental Care is important!

Children must visit a dentist on a regular basis for the protection of their teeth health.

Pediatric Dental Care became very easy now with the help of Children’s Choice Dental, which provides total care and consultation of children dental care.

Children’s Choice Dental always give oral hygiene as top priority for children.

A primary visit can train parents how to efficiently clean and take care of a child's teeth.

Children’s Choice Dental provides a caring team dedicated to provide a meaningful service to bring healthy & lasting smile on your child's face.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Love Just A Feeling?

Will you leave someone just because you don't feel for him or her anymore?

Is your love simply a matter of feelings?

Do you easily fall in love because of the throbbing ache of your love?

Will you reject love when your feeling is cold and lost?

Does feeling matter the most in love?

Some of us are like that, and we want it that way!

We fall in love almost instantly because of our feelings of love.

"It is love at first sight!" We said.

Our love is so attractive and have all that we want; we simply can't help falling in love.

Isn't it true?

Isn't it also true that we fall out of love equally easily when we decide to do so?

So where has that intense feeling gone? How is it that it can weaken and diminish just like that?

What do you think?

Is love just a feeling?


There is so much to love than our feelings.

Love is understanding and acceptance.

Love is commitment and determination.

Love needs respect, trust, and devotion.

Love is not just a feeling of telling someone "I love you".

Love is not just a feeling of telling someone "I don't love you."

No. It's more than that.

So the next time when you talk about love, keep in mind that it's not just a feeling.

Love is everything, and it means everything, and not just feelings.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where Would You Like To Go?

You have a family conflict;
Everyone is angry at you.
You are very sad;
And you get very mad;
You can't agree with everyone;
You can't accept everything that is said.
You decide to walk out.
You slam the door.
Where would you go?
Life is filled with problems and conflicts.
We just don't know what to do;
WE just don't know where to go.
Most of us will choose a room;
A room to ourselves will be nice.
Here we listen to music, read some book, or do nothing at all;
Here we go online, chatting, browsing websites or watching streaming videos.
What if you are too angry?
What if you just want to go away?
Where would you go?
Some prefer the park or the zoo.
Here they admire the nature,
And enjoy the beautiful landscape.
Here they see the flowing water,
And the cute little animals.
Some prefer the library or the bookstore;
Here they enjoy a world of peace and tranquility,
Here they enjoy a world of dream and pleasure;
And here they enjoy themselves, away from people.
Some prefer a long walk
Or a long drive,
Heading no way......
So, where would you go?
Some want a quiet corner,
Or a peaceful place.
They just want to hide;
They just want to cry.
Some off their cellphone,
And do some shopping,
Until they are satisfied.
Some choose the mall,
Doing window shopping;
Watching movies,
And lose themselves in a world of people!
How about going to a friends house?
How about the fast food outlet?
How about you decide where to go?
Now it is up to you,
So where would you like to go?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Will You take Side?

What would you do?
Your kids were fighting with your sibling's kids.
And they were both bruised and bled.
What would you do?
Will you take side?
Incidents like this happen all the time.
It's common knowledge that children quarrel.
Some parents takes side and gets heated up,
Making the whole thing ugly.
Now what would you do?
If the incident occurs before your eyes;
You can easily break them up,
And deal with them one at a time,
And find out why.
What if it happens behind your back?
What would you do?
You may stay neutral,
But you may have to do guess works as to what has happened.
Now we know children will take side,
How are we going to get the truth?
How are we going to know who is wrong?
And do we trust them to tell the truth?
Some said parents must not take side,
They should listen and solve the problem amiably.
Taking side will only create arguments among sibling,
Making the whole thing worse.
What would you do?
Some said just take the kids together,
Ask them why and punish them,
Making sure they learn the lessons.
Some insist on no punishment,
They don't believe in punishment,
For they not even punish their kids,
And they don't believe punishment is the solution.
Some insist siblings coming together,
Listen and solve the problem together,
Then take the necessary actions,
Which everyone agree.
Now what would you do?
Do you take side when kids quarrel?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Which Time Of The Year Do You Like Best?

Some children wonder when is their Birthday;

They anticipate their birthday gifts and party.

Some dream of the Festive Season;

They miss the fun and the joy of coming together.

Some talk about Vacation Holidays;

A week or two to the outside world will be nice.

Some plan hard for their Engagement and Wedding Day;

Their eyes are beaming with love, joy, and hope.

Some look forward to their Graduation Day;

The time to be freed to do what they want.

What about you?

Which time of the year do you like best?

What have you in mind?

For myself, it's not the occasion that matters;

It's not the fun and the joy;

And it's not the gifts or the party.

It's the people.

It's the time to get together;

To love and to cherish,

To interact and to share,

To recall each passing moment,

And to spur one another on towards love and good deeds.

The coming Christmas and New Year Gatherings will be just nice,

If everyone knows the love, the joy, and the hope of coming together.