Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Shoe Shopping!

Everyone needs some kinds of perfect shoes, suitable for functions and parties.

A pair of good shoes must always be the right sizes, and if possible, the latest in fashion and design.

Anti Stress Shoes are good; they suits perfectly for heavy people who need comfort for the feet that take the entire body pressure.

Choosing a pair of comfortable shoes can be time consuming and tedious. But it is important to take time to find a pair of comfortable shoes that will help us reduce feet ache and exhaustion.

It is always wise to look for wide fitting shoes that is comfortable to walk with no initial wearing problems.

A good pair of shoes will reduce strain on our feet, especially if we have to stand in our shoes for a long time.

Comfortable shoes will also keep our feet healthy.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Afterthought About Year End Gathering

The decision had been made; the issue must be made clear.

Those who are not attending the function are not supposed to pay.

A meeting was held to notify everyone.

Many attended the meeting with mixed feelings.

They held their breath, waiting for the announcement.

The 'good' news was announced....

A sense of relief came over some of them.

They felt relaxed; some stretched their legs and smiled a little.

But from their looks, the organizers were clearly not happy with the decision and the attendance.

Then the boss explained a little about the purposes of the function, that everyone is encouraged to attend, and that he himself is going to sponsor a little.

Some clapped their hands in full support; some remained as they were with a cynical smile.

Some quietly queried the purposes of the function; some were not satisfied with the time and place; some grumbled about the cost, the food and the distance.

It is just a simple year end dinner, a social gathering before the long holidays.

Yet it is so difficult to organize.

Some of us are like that.....

When we are not attending a function, we make all sorts of excuses and justifications to protect our reputation and creditability.

When we are attending, we eat like a horse and drink like a fish.

Some of us even bring big family to eat more than what we pay.

Humans are difficult creatures to understand.

They are smart to capitalize,

They are smart to figure out things,

They are smart to explain,

They are smart to avoid,

And they are smart to use others.

It is just a social get together.

Just say “yes” or “no” and quietly continue what we are doing;

A simple smile and a direct response to a suggestion or idea will be good enough.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Difficult People

There definitely will be those people who are difficult to get along with in life.

The funny thing is somehow we have to deal with most of them more often in our lives.

There will always be people who have their own ideas of doing things. They never want to be disturbed, and they are not used to friendly conversation.

There will always be people who like to meddle and poke their noses into other people’s affairs. They wouldn’t be satisfied or happy until they dig out all that they want to know.

Then there will always be those who like to divert the conversation into other topics, or turn a serious topic into a joke.

Then there will always be those who enjoy sneering, chuckling stupidly, smirking, and laughing throughout the conversation.

I enjoy heart to heart talking, sharing and caring.

They help in enriching and improving my life.

But it isn’t always easy to find someone close and someone we trust to share and work with.

They come along by chance and they just happen naturally.

For most of the time, we have to deal with strangers and unfamiliar people.

Not many people are open to conversation.

In fact, many have a hard time starting any conversation.

And some don’t know what to do when the topic of conversation is new and unfamiliar.

A natural and inviting smile would usually help.

A slight nodding and shaking of the head may be just as nice.

Interacting with strangers and first time visitors can be fun; if you know what I mean.

Just be patient and learn to accept things and disagree with things as they come along.

Sometimes, it is nice to look at a sea of people moving around a place.

The funny thing is we always look at one another with a blank face, or a ‘couldn’t care less’ look.

We behave like strangers to one another!

Someone once said, "we all descended from Adam and Eve."

But we don’t seem to know and understand one another.

How very strange!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Is A Passing Through

What is done is done, and we need to just get on with things.

Our life is a passing through.

We come and we go.

But we carry our memories all along.

Life is not without hurry and worry.

We go on with our life without much thought, analysis and reasoning.

And along the way we make many mistakes, misjudgments, misinterpretations, misconstructions, and errors.

It is in later years, as we recall the things of the past, that we begin to feel regret, guilt, remorse, and pain of our past activities, and start to feel ashamed of all that we have done.

It's true that our life is a passing through.

But we must do our best we can.

We must not delay or procrastinate.

We must be careful and alert how we walk down the road.

May the journey of our life be a blessing both to ourselves and others.

May we always be blessed under the watchful eyes of God.