Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Problems

The younger brother of a friend of mine was to get married very soon. It was said that he had caused a young girl pregnant. The two family were embarrassed and humiliated because people in the village were talking about it, spreading the news even to the nearby villages.

My friend was called to deal with the situation. She was to help as soon as possible. She had to leave her family behind in the town. She was not without her own troubles; for the past few weeks, she was having problems with her husband.

A hasty decision was made for the two families to meet. It was agreed that the two of them were to get married as soon as possible. Arrangements were made to have a simple wedding ceremony. Many in the village were invited to witness and celebrate the wedding. The issue was finally settled and everyone felt relieved and happy.

Before long, conflicts and quarrels broke out between the young couple. It was told that the young girl would leave the family and her baby behind after her delivery; she was to continue her study. The young man was also very unhappy. He had suspected that the baby was not his. It was rumored that the girl had affairs with other men too. The young man felted cheated and would not want the baby.

My friend was again called to deal with the situation. She was very sad and was really at her wit's end. Just then, her husband suggested that they would adopt the baby. My friend thought through and happily agreed. Who knows? Maybe the baby can help to bring their lives back together again.


Sometimes, our life is like this, and we just have to take things as they come. Worrying too much cannot solve our problems. We just have to deal with them one at a time, and hopefully everything will come out alright.

It is also good that we learn to deal with the other people's problems first even though we have our own problems. Who knows, in so doing, we may save our marriage!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friends

Some say "Friendship is forever." True friends are here to stay, and good friends will always be around when we need them. But all these facts are not necessarily true.

Over the years, we have cultivated and built strong and lasting friendships; we have shared deep love and great joy together. We have learned from one another along the way; we have learned to be understanding and loving, and always sensitive and helpful to one another's needs and wants.

But not all friendships will last forever. Not all true friends will be here to stay. And not all good friends will be around when we need them most. And worse, sometimes our good friends turn into bitter enemies, and become our worst nightmares.

We may lose our friendship because of misunderstandings and personal conflicts. We may have different views or opinions, and we hold strongly to them, and refuse to agree or compromise.

We may lose our friendship because of some selfish gains and interests. We may have been wanting a certain thing or we may have been chasing after the same man or girl, and we wouldn't give up for the sake of our friend.

We may lose our friendship because of our pride and arrogance. We may not admit that we can be wrong sometimes. And we just wouldn't forgive our best friends who have wronged us, whether they have done it intentionally or unintentionally.

We may lose our friendship because we are suspicious of one another's intentions in doing certain things; we don't believe it is purely for love or out of love. We believe our best friends are using us for some selfish reasons or personal gains.

In our lives together, it is good that we have a few friends who are true and real for a lifetime. We just cannot live alone on our own; we need companions and support; we need one another's love and care.

Good friends are forever. But just how many will last forever?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stop Smoking

My friends asked me how I had quit smoking. I didn't know how to tell them or relate to them the details, and so I just told them, "I just quit."

I had quit smoking many years ago after more than ten years of chain smoking. It had something to do with my smoking, drinking and staying-up-late friends, my ego and gambling habits, and a strong desire to find fun and excitement everyday.

I had told myself many times to quit smoking. I tried to get away from my circle of friends and learnt to stay close to my family. I told myself that as long as I could get away from my smoking friends I would be safe. But it was not so; I continued smoking, and sometimes heavier.

I stopped gambling and drinking. They did help. I was no more a chain smoker and I did reduce the number of sticks of cigarettes I smoked everyday. I coughed less and I breathed better, and my children loved to come near to me.

I tried to live a simple and humble lifestyle, and it helped. Glamor, style, attention, ego, excitement, fantasy, etc. meant nothing to me anymore. A meaningful and contented life with my family and friends was what I sought after in life.

As I thought through, I believe it is not difficult to stop smoking. You just need to know what hinder you from stopping smoking, make up your mind, and go ahead and do it. Don't think and plan so far and too hard; they don't really help you quit smoking.

I went ahead and stopped smoking. I told my friends my decision and they were laughing away; it couldn't be true for a chain smoker to stop smoking. Well. I had succeeded. It was not difficult after all; I just stopped.

My friend followed me; one by one they stopped smoking. Many of us made it. And after we had quit, we told ourselves it was easy! A few of our friends had died because of smoking; they never wanted to try.

Looking back. I can smile with confidence. When there is a will, there is a way. You don't have to think too hard and too far. Just stop! You can do it.

Bad habits die hard! Many times it is because you don't want to. They have become your blood, your flesh, and bone. They are here to stay and wouldn't go anywhere. There is nothing else to do. Just stop!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small White Flowers

I was examining the small white wildflowers adorning the bushes, vines and grasses. The flowers looked really fresh, bright and beautiful. They were so spectacular and impressive in the midst of leaves, vines, and roots. It was only eight in the morning when I walked passed the beautiful landscape, but the presence of the little wildflowers caught my attention and gave me pause. I was grateful that I stopped by. The whole thing was really good; they gave me a new lease of life.

The cool breeze caressed my face and my neck as I made a survey of the beautiful landscape. I could smell the fragrance and aroma of the wildflowers. They might look so small and insignificant that very few would paid careful attention to their being. But there they were, quiet as might be, continued to offer a nice welcome to every passer by.

Life may be just a passing through; it may just be for a short moment; it may be so small and insignificant; it may be so dull and monotonous; or it may be wild and crazy, etc., nevertheless it is still a very good life to live, and it will continue on and on. The important thing for us to do is to know how to make a positive impact to help ourselves and others, bringing good to the world around us.

The small white wildflowers continued to grow, very bright and cheerful.

Not many would pay their attention; very few people would take a second look.

But there they were, continued to play the role that they knew best.

The world might not appreciate what they did; the people around might not really care.

But there they were, very ready to serve, help, inspire, and motivate people.

Oh! my small white wildflowers....

Thank you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fiddling With Cellphones

I have seen many young people who are always fiddling with their cellphones wherever they are or whatever they do, whether they are on the move or stationary at some point of their journey.

Some do it while they walk on busy streets, in crowded stores, at beaches, on school campuses and other crowded areas. Some do it when they ride a motorbike or bicycle, drive a car, van or lorry on a road or an highway, or busy talking with their family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, etc. about certain things.

I am worry and concern about this increasing trend, and I think these are not good practices. It is better that we stop these bad habits before something untoward happens to us and people around us.

I had seen people colliding with one another when one or both parties are fiddling with the cellphones. Misunderstanding or bad feelings can happen, and this can bring unnecessary stress and tension.

I had seen road accidents happened because people were busy using the cellphone while driving. If only they would stop the vehicles and pull to the side of the road first, these would not have happened.

Relationships and friendships could be strained and broken if we were always busy fiddling with the cell phones while talking to people. People around might not be happy with our action and behavior, and they might not be willing to talk to us anymore.

So the next time you fiddle with a cellphone, maybe you should think about the consequences. It may not be good after all.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Quiet Room

Sitting at a corner in a quiet room can be very nice and relaxing when one is busy doing some work, whether it is an official duty or a private activity.

I was sitting at a corner, doing some online work. It was a quiet morning where many of my colleagues were busy working outside the room. Occasionally, in a distance, I could hear some colleagues talking and joking; they must have many interesting things to share, I told myself, smiling quietly.

Looking outside the huge room, I examined the beautiful plants and flowers. I enjoyed the greenery and tranquility of the tropical garden. I looked up at the clear blue sky, and enjoyed myself watching the few white clouds drifting across the sky. Nature continued to run its course and everything was slowly settling down. There is no need to hurry through life, I told myself.

I looked at the piles of work in front of me. It was not a lot really and I should have no problem completing them. I nodded my head; I am confident that I will be able to do them.

A friend came to me. She had a lot to share and I tried my best to answer her. I had just been promoted and she was now taking over my place.Seeing her very happy with her new post, I tried to cheer her on. It was nice to see someone promoted to a higher post; it gave much satisfaction and pleasure. Of course, there would always be those who would not be happy with the new leadership. But that was the fact of life, and everyone had to learn to adapt to changes.

More and more colleagues and clients came flocking into the office. It would be an busy day for everyone now. More conversation, more greeting and sharing, smiling, laughing, joking, teasing, etc. The office was alive again. It was no more a quiet room.

But it would, again.

There is a time for everything. A time to be busy, a time to relax; a time to be serious, a time to play and have fun.

The room is quiet again.

And I continue to enjoy doing my works.