Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Separation

Some people never once leave their own family. They feel so miserable when they have to leave the others even for a short while because of some emergencies and important businesses.

Some parents never once leaves their children. And so, when there is an emergency or some important business, and they have to leave their children for a while, they feel so difficult.

There are times when the father, the mother or both have to attend to some important functions in the office, or some emergencies in the parents or parents-in-law's home. It may be that they have to attend to some business courses or training, to make some business arrangements or cut some business deals, to attend to siblings who are getting married, or family, relatives or friends who fell sick or who have passed away, etc.

It is not easy for the mother to leave her children. They have such a strong bond that it is never easy to part for a while. But it has to be done. Besides, it is also good for the father to learn to take care of the children and stay close with the family for a little while.

It is also not easy for the homely father who has a very close relationship with his children to part with them for a while. But there is nothing he can do. Besides, it will be a good time for the mother to learn to handle everything in the house on her own.

It is good that we have advanced communication and transportation systems. We can still communicate with one another or meet with one another in a very short time. In the past, it was really difficult, and to leave our family would mean a heart breaking situation.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is good for parents to leave their family for a while so that they can learn to miss and treasure one another's present. The family will always have a stronger bond after the whole occasion.

It can be an emotional occasion when our children have to leave us because they need to further their studies elsewhere. And the moment of separation is also not easy; it is just not easy to say goodbye to our children when the moment comes. There is always a lump in the throat and watery eyes when it happens.

Family love and care always inspires and amazes us. We are not just put together to take care of one another. We belong to one another and we treasure one another's well being. It is just not easy when we have to part for a while.

So the next time when we have to leave somebody or the others in the family, we must learn to ponder, at least for a while. It is not easy for many people to face this situation even if it is very easy for you. Everyone has feelings and emotions, and it is never easy just to part by saying goodbye.

Remember, family separation is always tough, and never that easy as we think.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life Is A Cycle

Life is a cycle of ups and downs. Sometimes we are up and happy; sometimes we are down and sad. And it all boils down to our age and maturity. Some of us will continue to be miserable and sad, while others are getting more cheerful and happy.

Some said life is a cycle of happiness and sadness. We can’t predict how long and how often we will be happy. And we can’t say how much pain and sorrow we have to go through in life. What we can do is to enjoy our happiness and sadness, and see how they bring us.

Some said life is a matter of sowing and reaping. If we help others with sincerity and love, we will be noticed and helped by others as well. What we sow will determine what we reap later in life. How true!

Some said life is a cycle of creating and repairing chaotic situations. There are times when we create troubles and quarrels, and we have people laughing, jeering, accusing, fighting, suffering and crying. And we begin to reconcile and mend the broken relationships, only to realize that it becomes more complicated, confusing and stressful at times.

Some had concluded that life is a cycle of starts and stops. There are always things that we do, undo and redo. Things don’t always happen the way we want; we become frustrated and angry, but then we decide to give in another try, and another try. Sometimes, when we are successful and satisfied, we still want to improve and advance, and so we try new things, under new situations; we eagerly want a greater challenge in life and be proud of our achievements.

For some, life is a constant cycle of sinning and repenting. Everyday is a battle against sins; everyday, there will be instances of victories and failures against sins, and there will be painful mourning, and happy hymns and prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God.

For some, life is a cycle of arriving and leaving. At birth, we come into this world; we live and stay for a while; we enjoy and suffer; and then we have to go home. Naked we come and naked we will go out of this world. There may be some who will welcome us when we arrive; there may be those who will mourn for us when we leave. But that’s it; there is nothing more.

To some, life is a cycle of pleasure and pain.

To some, life is a cycle of stages and seasons.

To some, life is a cycle of good and bad things.

To some, life is a cycle of giving and receiving.

To some, life is a cycle of finding and losing.

Do you believe life is a cycle?

What sort of a cycle is it to you?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunamis dan Earthquakes

I am of the view that there is always a purpose in everything. And sometimes, it is not just one single purpose, but there are a few purposes as to why thing has happened.

The recent Japan's Tsunami disaster was a eye opener for many of us. All of a sudden, the walls of water came and swept away cars, trucks, boats, ships, airplanes, houses, buildings, people, animals, etc. Nothing could escape despite all the screaming, shouting, crying, pleading, wailing, etc. In the spur of a moment, everything was swept away and gone. What remained afterwards were rubble, dead bodies, smashed cars, crying people, protests against God, etc.

No amount of regret, self-reproach or heart felt feelings and emotions could bring back everything. What was done was done; what was gone was gone, and that was it. It is time for a new beginning; a time to repent and a time to move forward. Dwelling on the past would not help us so much, though it would serve as a lesson to us not to make the same mistakes again.

Many had left the coast when they heard of the first Tsunami warning; they immediately evacuated and retreated to higher grounds. But many didn't; they just couldn't believe it would happen to them. As I thought of it, I remembered the 230000 people who were killed by the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh, and about 500000 were left homeless. Imagine the piles and piles of dead bodies amongst contaminated air and water....

The Tsunami and the quake were over. But people continued to cry and mourn. It was over, everything....

The people went back to the roads, looking at the devastated places, finding bodies of dear and near ones, trying to comprehend just what had happened. All is gone. All is gone.

But it is not the end. It is time to stand up, and stand strong. We have learned our lessons. Yes, we have.

And that is life. We blame no one; we don't blame God, He always has His way. We don't blame men; we also have a share in everything. And we try not to blame ourselves. But we do blame on fate and bad luck.....

Oh! Tsunamis and earthquakes, when would you leave us alone?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Release Your Burdens

As I took a walk round the park this morning, I could finally lay down my burden. It was a burden that I had been carrying for years. It was a heavy burden that had been weighing me down and not allowing me to breathe for a long time. But finally it was gone; it had faded away and disappeared, forever. I stretched out my arms, broke out into a broad smile; I was finally freed and truly very happy.

The road I trod was narrow, winding, and steep. It was always dusty and dirty, and filled with debris, broken glasses, bottles, cans, wood, dry leaves, etc. There were many cracks, potholes and other small bumps along the way. Nevertheless, it is still the best road for me to walk, I told myself, feeling rather satisfied.

I could feel the morning breeze brushing my face as I walked with long strides along the road lined with trees and flower bushes. And it brought across the fresh smell of the grass, leaves and the wooden scent of the trees and soil. I love the place; it helps to meditate on the words of God and to pray, I quietly told myself.

I saw a wine bottle on a set of stairs beside the lake. Someone might have come to release problems or to get drunk last night. There were cigarette butts everywhere. It is not easy to shoulder a burden in secret, but that is life, I sighed.

I walked faster and faster, more determined and focused on what I had come here for. It is a 5km walk in slightly more than an hour, I said to myself. Mt body began to ache, my legs, arms, chest, shoulder, etc were heavy, but it was an exciting, happy and contented feeling.

A few aged men and women were doing the morning exercises too. It was interesting to see them concentrating and focusing on what they do best. There is always a purpose in life and a reason to go on, and we must never give up or back off, I told myself.

Now entering my five round, I was perspiring and heaving deeply. This is my final round, I told myself. The traffic was heavy and more roads were congested. The morning sun was getting hot and the air was heavy, bad, and polluted. It is time to finish the morning walk.


Some people go to the park to release their stresses and tensions. Some people go to release their feelings and emotions. Some people go to meditate and pray. Some people go to release their boredom and loneliness, etc.

But they all have one thing in common;

They all try to release their burdens.

How about you?

How would you release your burdens?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Courage To Love

Some people dare not love because they are worried that they won't receive love in return.

Some people dare not love again because they were hurt many times before and they don't want to be hurt again.

There are many of us who are so scared to love. Is love really bad? Does love always hurt?

There is nothing wrong with love. Loving is caring and sharing with one another. It is the greatest gift of all to mankind. Love is not self seeking and it is not supposed to harm people. But then, why is it that so many of us are so scared to love?

Some of us can fall into love so easily without any help or motivation from others. We can think and feel about love, and the next moment we are ready to fall in love. Love has become so much a part of us in so short of time that we are always surrounded by people who love.

But there are also among us people who dare not love. They are so scared to love, and they need people to encourage and stimulate them to love. To them, love is a serious business that one should not simply play with. They are so worried to love, and don't have the courage to love.

Is courage a necessary ingredient to love? Do we really need courage before we can go after our love?

I believe in love. I believe love flows naturally when we create a space for it. I believe we just have to think and feel about love, and I believe we must always go ahead and love.

Love is caring and sharing, and it is always powerful and compelling. Love changes and transform our minds, our hearts, our spirits and our ways of love. Through love, we show our care, our concern and our commitment to one another; through love, we seek to edify and strengthen one another; through love, we help and minister to one another's needs.

Some of us may need courage to initiate love. But I believe courage isn't everything we need. What we need to do is to open our minds and hearts to love, and go ahead with our love.

What do you think? Do you think we need courage to love?

Any comment or suggestion?

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