Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Human Being Don't Bark

In the midst of a dog fight, some dogs will join in while others will stay at the side, wagging their tails. Then there will be multi dogs barks and multi dogs bites. The large and ferocious dogs win most of the time. But sometimes it is the small dogs that stay united and that can withstand the pains that ultimately triumph.

When dogs fight, most people will stand by the side, talking, smiling, and laughing. The dog owners may show some concerns, but few will react by pouring buckets of cold water to disperse them.

In the midst of human quarrels and fights, some of us may join in and take side. Some will just stand at the side. Sometimes the sharp mouths and those who can shout and scream win the race. Sometimes it is those who remain calm and silent.

When people quarrel and fight, some of us will just stand by the side, watching and talking. The family members may react by pulling them away, and bringing them elsewhere.

Human being just don't simply bark at one another; we reason with one another and we reason well.

But what if some decide to bark at others? Then let them bark. We don't have to bark them. After all we are not dogs that like to bark. Just stay calm and continue to do our works.

What if they use abusive and intimidating language? Then let them wallow in their anger and hurt themselves. We don't have to get angry because others are angry.

What if they are inclined to harm us? Just excuse ourselves and walk away.

We don't have to bark back or get angry at an angry dog that cannot stops barking.

We human being reason and we reason well. We don't bark at one another.

Happy reasoning.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Thought I Love You

I was always confused about the words "love" and "like". I thought I loved somebody when actually I was obsessed with her. Because of that, I had many wasted years and many waiting dreams.

Once I thought I loved a girl because of her beautiful long hair, her quiet and gentle spirit, and her beautiful face and smile, only to discover that she was not for me and I was not ready for her.

She had her many dreams and visions, and I had mine too. But we didn't have common understandings, goals and values.

We eventually parted ways, not because we didn't like one another (we actually yearned for one another) but because we discovered that our future was not tied together; we would not be happy together forever.

It hurt so much to be separated, especially after we thought we were deeply in love.

It took me so long to discover that what I had for her was infatuation and lust. It was not real love.

It took me so long to discover that I liked her so much that I thought I was deeply in love with her.

It took me so long to realize that love was not so much an obsession and a possession. It was the ability to share, to love and to cherish, and to put someone in the very first place of our life.

It was her who had suggested the separation. And she was wiser and smarter than me... It took me 20 years to discover that love was not what we like, but what we could share with one another for life. It was love for life.... and not only love at first sight.

Thank to her, I finally found my true love... and we are happy together.

And I prayed that she had found hers too... I hadn't seen her after that day.

Sorry dear... I thought I love you...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When I Don't Know What To Do

What to do when I don't know what to do?

.......When I don't know what to do, I try to keep myself busy.

I will just smile or laugh, take a relaxing shower, and stretch out to enjoy the day.

I will do some house works and start to move around.

I will listen to music, play some instruments or computer games, read books and comics, or solve some math problems.

I will eat and drink and play and sleep.

I will go for a walk to calm down and get my thoughts together.

Yeah, I will keep on doing what I know how to do......

But I will continue to gather information, and do it anyway.

To me, when I don't know what to do, the best thing to do is just to sit down and start to do.

.......When I don't know what to do, I will seek helps from my family, friends and relatives.

I will run to them for reassurance and support.

I will consult them for guidance and inspiration.

Then I understand the problems better and have many possible and plausible answers.

And I have many useful advices and suggestions to know what to do.

And I am ready to do what to do.

.......When I don't know what to do, I will desire to reach God.

I will pray to God and ask for His wisdom to direct my life.

I will meditate and reflect on God's Word.

I will sing praises and thanksgiving to God.

I will attend church worship and services.

I will seek to please God, and do His bidding.

.......When I don't know what to do, I will not run and hide.

I will not grumble, and go on rebelling.

I will not end up blaming anyone.

Instead, I will keep myself busy.

I will learn to relax.

I will continue to do what I can do.

Then I will start doing what I don't know how to do.

And I will seek for helps....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Going Up An Escalator

I was watching a family as they went up an escalator in a shopping mall.

They didn't look like people from the city.

The children were talking to one another, pointing at the things they saw.

They looked very excited and happy.

The mother was following behind, walking with style.

There was no sign of the father, probably parking the car.

The children went up first.

Then the mother.

Then I saw an old woman walking unsteadily with difficulty, far behind.

She was most probably in her late 60s or early 70s.

The children waved at their grandmother from above, giggling and laughing.

The daughter didn't even turn her head.

The old woman waved back at her grandchildren.

Then she stopped at the escalator, hesitated to go up as it was a moving staircase.

She had difficulty to take the first step.

She looked at her family but no one seemed to turned back to help her.

Her daughter and her grandchildren had already reached the floor above.

She trembled and was scared.

She tried to take her first step.

Her face was pale.

And she was shaking her head.

The daughter pointed at her mother and grumbled, shouting at her.

A lot of people were watching. They had become the center of attraction.

Then her daughter came down angrily, using the down escalator.

She scolded her mother harshly.

Then she dragged her mother's hand up the escalator.

Her mother almost fell.

Some people were shaking their heads and talking softly to their family or friends.

Then everything was back to normal.

No one seemed to remember what had happened.

I was watching at the staircase not far from the up escalator.

The daughter could have walk up the staircase with her mother.

And I looked around.

Not many were using the staircase.

It was left dirty and filled with rubbish.

This was not my first time seeing the younger generation ill-treated their parents.

I shook my head. I just couldn't understand why.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Always Hungry For Food

Babies are always hungry for milk.

We then introduce them to solid food (cereal)in later months.

Children are growing fast and need lots of calories. They are always hungry and eats whatever is sent their way.

And so are we adults. Some of us always seem to be hungry.

Every time we go out with friends, there must be food involved.

Every time after a hard day's work, we must go for a heavy meal.

And some of us just cannot stop eating, before, during, and after every activity.

Now, this is funny. Some of us are still hungry even after a big meal. Some of us are still hungry after eating 2 triple cheeseburgers, large fries, chicken salad, large soda, ... Some of us are still hungry after two or three or four helpings.

Those of us who are overweight always claim that we cannot lose body fat because we are always hungry. This may not be true. It can always be our lack of willpower to control eating.

And it is really difficult to stop thinking about food when we are on a diet.

Are we overeating because we are always hungry? Has our appetite increased, causing excessive hunger?

There may be a medical explanation as to why we are always hungry.

What is hunger? It is the bodies search for minerals. If we eat high mineral food, we become full and satisfied a lot easier because our cells have what they need to work. We are then able to have high energy levels and are not too stuffed and lethargic to get on with our day.

Doctors explain that fruits, vegetables and grains burn off in 2 hours or less, but meat will sustain for longer periods of time.

If meal time is like trying to fill a bottomless pit, we may need to look at what we are fueling your body with.

Overeating is the main cause of obesity.

Oh, how I wish that I am not that hungry....