Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Wooden Shop

I remembered it was a clothing and shoe shop.

I used to buy my shirts, trousers, and school shoes here.

It was a double storey wooden shop built in the early 70’s, and it belonged to an uncle-in-law.

I frequented the shop during my teenage years, especially before school opened and before the Chinese New Year.

It was always packed with goods, and customer service was excellent.

I believed it was making good business.

But thing has changed.

The small town is mushroomed with shop buildings, eatery outlets, recreation centers, and housing estates.

Yesterday, as I was walking around town, I happened to pass by the wooden shop again.

I was surprised half of the shop space was rented out, and the cloth and shoe shop was turned into a fertilizer shop, also selling some chicks and ducklings.

I saw my aunt-in-law, patiently waiting for customers.

Business must be poor, and it is more difficult to make ends meet now.

Everything in life has its cycle, so is business with its ups and downs. I sighed.

I continued my walk, but I turned around to take another look at the wooden shop.

The wooden shop continues to stand tall beside the modern buildings in the surrounding.

It has seen its glory days come and go.

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