Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Real Man

I have always aspired to be a real man.

From small, I was told that a real man is a real leader who knows just what to do.

Sometimes he delegates the tasks at hand to others according to their abilities. Sometimes he just quietly does everything himself.

Everyone respects him and many look up to him for advices and assistances.

To me, a real man is a real hero....

As I grew up, I have discovered that it is not that simple – A real man who knows what to do must teach others how to do.

A real man must be very meticulous and careful to impart knowledge and skills to others.

He must be very helpful and kind to guide and teach others every living skill he has learned and know.

And he must be very patience and must try to explain in length essential skills to those who are badly in need of them.

To me, a real man is a good teacher and not just a hero.

Then I discovered that a real man is compassionate but always bring everything under control.

He is emotionally strong, stable and reliable.

He will make sure that everything is in place and nothing goes wrong.

And he will minister to the needs of others first and make sure that they are okay.

He may break down and cry once in a while; he is still a human being. But he will recover soon enough.

He may join with the crowd, laugh and joke freely, and enjoy the moment of fun and joy. But he will getting very serious when there is a situation.

To me, a real man is compassionate, teachable and always dependable.


It takes a life time to learn to be a real man.

It takes many toils and labors.

It takes many considerations before we are mature.

As I ponder, I discover.... and discover....

A real man is really a man who wants to be real... Eager to please the Almighty God and to love his fellow beings.

And so I believe that everyone of us can be a real man if we want to.

....Yeah, a real man.


hitesh rawat said...

well even i had thoughts like this.....but think these thoughts doesn't stick in the mind for long...... think maturity is the only think which can get a real man out of a boy...or a guy

Poetic Shutterbug said...

A real man is one who loves himself as well as others. I don't believe it has anything to do with ruggedness etc... as the photo displays. A real man shares his feelings and is respectful of the feelings of others.

Roschelle said...

This world could certainly use more real men!

Kev said...

A real man doesn't have to show his courage; people will know.
A real man doesn't have to be a hero; people will know.
A real man is REAL, not someone who pretends to be one.

There many real man in this world, only waiting to be discovered.

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