Saturday, October 31, 2009

When The Floor Collapsed

I was enjoying myself sipping a mug of hot tea.

It was 4.30 in the afternoon.

It was still drizzling.

The rain was very heavy for the past 2 hours.

The thunders were loud and the lightnings flashed incessantly.

The workers opposite my house had finished their works.

Apparently the floors were sinking and cracking.

I was told that this was a swampy area before.

Could it be a water bogging area? I was not sure.

Could it be a construction fault? I was not sure either.

It had been raining every afternoon for almost a week already.

I was sorry and worried for my neighbor who had to bear the misfortune.

It would be very costly to repair the whole thing.

It could be quite a strain on his family though husband and wife were working.

Many neighbors were also feeling terrible about the collapsed floor.

Could it adversely affect the nearby houses?

Everyone examined the floor with raised eyebrows.

With the present economic crisis and the high cost of living, news of the collapsed floor was rather unwelcoming.

But looking at the terrible natural disasters in various parts of the world... we had to consider ourselves fortunate.

....... Hopefully everything would be okay.... Sighs....

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