Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clearing Away The Dead Tree Branches

Driving along the road in a housing estate, I saw some workers busy pruning and clearing the dead branches off some trees.

I slowed down and examined properly.

The tall and dense trees were obstructing and interfering with the power and telephone lines and poles.

It was a tedious and dangerous task.

They did it slowly, quietly and carefully.

It was normal routine for them, nevertheless it must not be taken for granted.

Many had lost their lives and limbs due to electric shock.

I love plants, flowers, bushes and trees.

They add beauty to the surroundings.

But I believe the local council must tend them carefully and regularly.

The idea of leaving them tall and dense, and disturbing the power and telecommunication lines is beyond my comprehension.

And imagine watching frequently the heavy and long vehicles moving freely in the housing estate....

And imagine driving along the uneven and narrow road with its many potholes and loose gravel....

It is really disheartening and frustrating at times, especially when you know that some of the officers and workers of the local council are staying in the same housing estate.

When something untoward happened, the local residents start to scream and shout, then the local council meets, planning and administering some possible action plans... after much delay and red tape...

But no monitoring, supervision, enforcement or any other precaution measures were done before that.

Once, I was surprised to see a broken power line lying on a road when I was on my way home. It was still alive. No untoward accident happened that day but the heavy and long vehicle that had knocked the power cable was no way to be found. Praise the LORD it was not raining..........

The workers had finally cleared all the dead branches off the trees on my returning journey.

They were sitting under the shades, relaxing and smiling to themselves.

These are the unknown and the unseen heroes who make life better for everyone.

But who care? It was just another normal day....Isn't it?

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