Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Our Cats' Home

I was watching our cat lying at the entrance of the sliding doors.

He looked sick and tired.

He is our fat black cat with sharp claws, very fierce and always ready to fight against intruders.

He has been wounded many times and there are many evidences of scars.

But he is determined to fight and fight hard.

The urge to fight is always in his blood.....

But now he is lying down quietly and peacefully, stretching and relaxing on a foot mat.

He must have felt really safe and secure there, though his watchful eyes suggest that he will be ready to prowl the moment an enemy approaches.

And so we leave him alone, knowing that he will be healthy and strong again after taking some rest and some nice food and drink, and given some patting and tender loving care.


We have altogether six beautiful cats living with us now.

They don't shit anywhere in the house except the washroom.

Occasionally, they do vomit on the carpet when they are sick....

We started off with a crippled kitty when we first moved into this new home; she was left behind by her mother.

Many generations of cats has since come through her and she was no longer crippled.

Lately she had disappeared and no longer to be found.

We suspected that she had died of old age....


We have given away many cats to well caring families.

But we continue to feed stray cats which go about hungry in the housing estate.

Ever since we keep cats, we no longer have leftover food problems.

In fact, sometimes we even buy some small fish and cook some rice specially for them, when we have decided to eat out.

We love our cats... and our dog.

But we don't keep dog anymore... after some men have decided to poison our dog during early July this year... and he died in great pain.

But we still have our home opened for our cats.

It's our cats' home.

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