Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Mind Goes Rambling Again

I wonder when will I be able to get out of these rambling and troubling thoughts!

Now that the school is opened, everyone is so excited about what they are doing.

The students are busy getting ready for a new school term. More needs to be learned and discovered through education, preparation and self struggle, and a bright future of progress and prosperity is awaiting them.

The teachers are busy getting ready for a new school term. More needs to be taught and practiced by the students before their coming tests and exam.

The non-teaching staffs are busy getting ready for a new school term. More needs to be done to maintain and improve the school environments so that they are more conducive and stimulating for teaching and learning.

I wonder whether it is the call of duty that makes them work.... or because they are self-motivated and have a strong desire and initiative to work in accordance to their new year's resolution.

Whatever is the reason behind, the school stands to benefit....

Moving through the school compound and talking with fellow teachers can be real fun and provide great resource for sharing and learning.

It is a common sight to see new teachers walking hurriedly, rushing to class to begin their first lesson.

Then they are seen busy looking around for teachers in charge of textbook distribution, requesting text books for their students....

Of course, there will be the usual few teachers lazing away in the staff room or the canteen, chatting away and doing not much else.

Nothing much to pity them really, except the occasional sympathizing thoughts that they are stuck in the teaching of the same age group and grade level, that they have become burnt-out and discouraged.

Talking further with them will lead to more grumbling, complaining, moaning, and groaning.

In fact it will be much better for everyone if the persons choose to quit or retire earlier....

And that's life.... the senior teachers will retire in due time and many young bloods will join the teaching line and take over.

Work is fun and enjoyable if we put our hearts in it.

But the thoughts to compare and contrast among fellow colleagues and friends will only create more rifts than it mends. It is just not worth the while.

Nonetheless, that is what we notice as we look and move around; we are greeted with the usual respectful and awkward silence....

There, we still have the usual cliques and factions, always wanting to be different, distinct or distant from others.

There, the assertions, speculations and perceptions that "this is my friend. That is your friend" is still rampant that it needs no mentioning.

But is it worth the while?

After years of living and working together, I wonder why we still act, behave, think and speak like a child....

I am giggling, smiling, and laughing to myself as I recall a common saying, "This is mine. That is yours" that I used to hear and follow during my childhood days....

Oh good Lord! Why have we ended up like this? Real shame on us.

It is time we make a switch.

It is time to get into the habit of giving, sharing, helping, caring, and loving for one another as the days, the months, and the years proceed.

Those suspicious and jealous eyes, those sharp and poisonous tongues, those big and smelly mouths, those arrogant and pretentious looks.... those that always spoil the atmosphere and stop one from speaking as one ought to... should be left to disappear and perish.

Oh poor humans with so many wasted thoughts, feelings and doings... so many wasted life and wasted years....

Is it worth the while?

There, my mind goes rambling again....

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