Monday, February 22, 2010

Back To School

It was the first day of school after the Chinese New Year.

Everything was back to normal again. Time to wake up early and prepare for school.

It was a cool and beautiful morning. The traffic was getting heavy again along the various ways to school. By 6.55 a.m., my daughter and I arrived at our school.

It was not easy to start the first day of school. Everyone was adjusting. Many students and teachers came with slow and heavy footsteps. Many were still feeling moodless, just staring at the floor. It seemed that the school bags, laptop bags and backpacks were getting heavy and ready to drop any time.

I put down my stuffs, cleared and cleaned my desk, and gave instruction to teacher on an important document. Then I went straight to my class after the second bell.

The corridors were busy with teachers and students. Everyone was getting ready for their first lesson. A few students greeted me and I was happily smiling as I greeted them back. A show of respect could really brighten the day. I was walking faster, better, and easier. Yeah, I was ready for my first lesson, I said confidently to myself.

I entered my class and found the students waiting and ready. Everyone had their reference book and notebook opened.

They were some with red and tired eyes, and some dark eye bags. Some were coughing. Some were happily smiling. Nevertheless, everyone was paying full attention to the lesson.

I was teaching on the causes and effects of inflation to Malaysian Economy. It was rather easy to start off my lesson as all of us had a common reference book to start with.

I started by revising some of the important concepts on inflation. As we discussed further on the "Cost-Push Inflation" and "Demand-Pull Inflation", the students started to get excited on the two graphs.

Then we dwelt on the negative internal and external socio-economic effects of inflation. Everyone started to talk about the cost of living, the standard of living, the price hikes, the family problems, the social problems........ All the sudden, the room was abuzz with great ideas and suggestions. Carefully I jotted everything down on the blackboard while hinting for more.

Then I explained the importance of inflation in optimizing and scaling up investment, and its effects on national workforce, unemployment rates, national income etc. Now the discussion became lively, passionate and interesting.

It was 8.15, the bell had rung. I summarized my lesson and demanded the students to do their notes. Then I got out of the class happily smiling.

Yeah, not bad for the first day of school.

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