Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Fine Sunday Morning

It was 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I was waken up by the deafening sound of thunder. My wife had just disconnected the internet and unplugged the TV and all electric sockets.

Then I saw the bright light from the kitchen toilet. Feeling the urge to urinate, I sat up and then rushed to the toilet with my sleepy eyes and heavy legs. My breathing was still long and heavy after a deep and sound sleep.

It was cold and windy. The rain might have come in the early morning to give me a nice sleep. I remembered the night before was really warm and stuffy. And I had the ceiling fan turned full blast on me before I slept........

Going back to my bed, I lay down. But my eyes refused to sleep. The rain sounded like music to my ears, with its beautiful tune and rhythm.

Maybe time to have a refreshing morning bath. I could still remember the days in the village taking cold river bath before going to work.

Walking into the bathroom and undressed, I turned on the tap and let the cold water running through my body. Wow! It was fantastic. Maybe I should try to take an earlier bath at 3 in the morning, just like old days, I told myself. And I liked those lovely smells coming from the fragrant soap.... Wow!

Coming out of the bathroom, I could still hear the rumbling sounds of thunder in a distant. But the rain was definitely getting heavier.

The lightning and thunder had finally gone. I Switched on my laptop and reconnected the internet; it's time for a little business. Checking up on all my mails, I spent sometimes reading and replying them. Then I had a nice time with Facebook, checking on my friends, updating my status and playing my games. Then I started to ponder about what to write in my blog. And this was the outcome.

It was still raining outside, though not very heavy now. There were more roosters crowed and I could hear more vehicle sound. The morning activities had begun........

It was almost 8 a.m. It is time to have breakfast and a cup of hot coffee. It is time to get ready for church worship. The journey was an hour away, but my family and I were not going to miss it.

Looking outside of the window, it was indeed a fine Sunday morning, and I liked it.

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