Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Afterthought About Year End Gathering

The decision had been made; the issue must be made clear.

Those who are not attending the function are not supposed to pay.

A meeting was held to notify everyone.

Many attended the meeting with mixed feelings.

They held their breath, waiting for the announcement.

The 'good' news was announced....

A sense of relief came over some of them.

They felt relaxed; some stretched their legs and smiled a little.

But from their looks, the organizers were clearly not happy with the decision and the attendance.

Then the boss explained a little about the purposes of the function, that everyone is encouraged to attend, and that he himself is going to sponsor a little.

Some clapped their hands in full support; some remained as they were with a cynical smile.

Some quietly queried the purposes of the function; some were not satisfied with the time and place; some grumbled about the cost, the food and the distance.

It is just a simple year end dinner, a social gathering before the long holidays.

Yet it is so difficult to organize.

Some of us are like that.....

When we are not attending a function, we make all sorts of excuses and justifications to protect our reputation and creditability.

When we are attending, we eat like a horse and drink like a fish.

Some of us even bring big family to eat more than what we pay.

Humans are difficult creatures to understand.

They are smart to capitalize,

They are smart to figure out things,

They are smart to explain,

They are smart to avoid,

And they are smart to use others.

It is just a social get together.

Just say “yes” or “no” and quietly continue what we are doing;

A simple smile and a direct response to a suggestion or idea will be good enough.

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