Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Is A Passing Through

What is done is done, and we need to just get on with things.

Our life is a passing through.

We come and we go.

But we carry our memories all along.

Life is not without hurry and worry.

We go on with our life without much thought, analysis and reasoning.

And along the way we make many mistakes, misjudgments, misinterpretations, misconstructions, and errors.

It is in later years, as we recall the things of the past, that we begin to feel regret, guilt, remorse, and pain of our past activities, and start to feel ashamed of all that we have done.

It's true that our life is a passing through.

But we must do our best we can.

We must not delay or procrastinate.

We must be careful and alert how we walk down the road.

May the journey of our life be a blessing both to ourselves and others.

May we always be blessed under the watchful eyes of God.

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