Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Decided To Let Go

You were deeply in love with your girl. You had known her and been with her for years. Everything was running so smoothly between you two, and everyone was anticipating you two to come together. You looked at her with love, and so was her, and you two knew that you belonged together.

Then, suddenly one day, your best friend came to you. He was crying and begging you to let go of your girl. He was deeply in love with her, and he couldn't live without her.

You looked at him for a long, long time; he was your only best friend. You looked at him with love, pity and compassion. You didn't have the heart to let him down; you didn't have the heart to say no. He looked so sad and pitiful when he cried.

You remembered hearing rumors of them coming together, and you had forced yourself to see them with your own eyes. You didn't expect it to happen, but your best friend was dating your girl. Your heart cried in pain every time you thought of them coming together...

You shook your head and was really filled with anger. You held your fists, really tight. You were hurt, badly hurt.

Then you remembered his words, that you were handsome and smart, and could easily find another girl, but he said he couldn't!

Teardrops rolled down your face. You were crying silently; your heart was rent apart.

You finally nodded your head and decided to let go...

You had confronted your girl before this; but she was undecided as to what to do. You were unhappy with the whole thing; you didn't expect it to be that way.

You sat down in a quiet corner, thinking about the love triangle. You didn't like it at all. Love is mutual and love is reciprocal. Love is not three dimensional and love needs no competitor.

You finally walked away from your best friend.

And you had decided to leave your girl too.

You had made up your mind.

You just wanted to let go.

Maybe that was the best way -

You walked away,

And returned no more.

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