Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ugly Scars

Do you have scars on your body? I have many scars.

I have a scar from a motorbike exhaust burn on my left leg. I remembered I was 10 years old when I had the habit of sitting on my brother's motorbike. But then, there was this one day, when the motorbike engine was still hot when I sat on it, and I was unable to handle its weight with my body weight, that I had the left side of my left leg kissed the very hot exhaust. It was a searing pain in my heart every time I thought of it. The scar reminded me of my naughtiness, playing with my brother's motorbike.

I have a brother who has a long scar on his right thigh. It was caused by a rusty nail from a wooden box running through his thigh as he jumped into a river and swam.

I believe many of us have scars on our body; I have yet to know a friend who doesn't have any scar.

To me, scars are good. They reminded us of past experiences imprinted on our bodies. They serve as a reminder every time when we are thinking of doing the same things again.

Until this day, I will be very careful every time I used a motorbike. I am scared to get another motorbike exhaust burn.

Some of us are scared of height. They have dropped down from high places and there are some scars left behind. I have some scars on the left side of my left thigh. I remembered I hit against sharp gravels when I fell. I can feel the pains every time I touched them.

Some of our scars disappeared with them. If we examine our body carefully, some of our scars have faded and disappeared. Maybe God doesn't want us to see too many scars. Those scars on our bodies are enough to tell us that we need Him in everything we do.

Some of us have big and ugly scars that will be very difficult to remove. Some of us have used various types of scar removal creams and gels, and manage to remove most of their scars. But I am yet to know a man who have removed all of their scars.

There are many physical, emotional, mental, psychological, etc scars that are hard to remove and will continue to torment us for life. Sometimes we really need to find some good people to talk about those scars.

I remembered the many scars caused by thorns, broken glasses, sharp debris, nails etc. when we walk and run around barefooted as we played. Now the remembrance of them still sent a chill down my back.

How about you? Do you have many ugly scars? What do they remind you of?

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