Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Our Lives Out Of The Pit

1 Peter 5:5-10

Life is full of difficulties. But we must be determined to survive.

As Christians, we have a better reason to endure tough times. We live for God. We are assured in His Word that better times are ahead. In spite of the prosperity of the wicked, the righteous will be vindicated.

There are times when we find our lives down in the pits. We lose our desire to go on for God. We just want to give up.

How do we get our lives out of the pits?


We Must Submit Ourselves To God (5:5-6).

We must surrender our will to God. We must allow God to have the place of pre-eminence in our lives.

We must clothe ourselves with humility. We must seek only to do God’s will, God’s plan, and God’s desire.

We must willingly place ourselves under God. He will lift us up in His own way. He will use us for His glory.


We Must Send Our Worry To God (5:7)

We must cast all our anxiety to God because He cares for us. We must give them up once for all. We must give them all up. We must have absolute confidence that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is actively involved in caring for us.


We Must Strengthen Our Walk With God (5:8-9)

We must be serious about the devil's reality. Satan is real! Satan is a devil. He is a slanderer or a false accuser. He is our enemy. He hates us and wants to see us fall.

We must be serious about the devil's ferocity. The devil is like a roaring lion. He is forceful and is far stronger than us. We cannot fight him on our own. The devil is ferocious. He is never satisfied with his conquests. The devil roars to create fear in the hearts of God's children. Fear paralyzes faith! If the devil can get us to listen to his roar, he can keep us from hearing God's Word. If he can paralyze our faith, then he can attack our lives.

We must be serious about the devil's susceptibility. The devil can be defeated by the child of God! The secret to overcoming him is to resist him! We must stand up against the devil! We must be steadfast in our faith, knowing that the Lord has already defeated the devil and that victory for the child of God is found in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us stand against him and see the victory! We can resist him and we can see him defeated in our lives. If we will resist him, he will flee from us. Let us grow in the Lord and strengthen our walk with Him daily through prayer and the study of His Word!


We Must See The Work Of God (5:10)

One of the greatest incentives to walking in continuous victory is to be able to see the Lord at work all around us!

We must remember that God’s grace is sufficient for us. God would change us in the midst of our difficulty so that we could be successful in our walk with Him. There is grace for every trial and for everything we face as we go through life!

We must remember that we have the Lord’s promise of His Presence and His Promotion. Therefore let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith!

We must remember that when the suffering days are over, there are glory days ahead! We are going to a place where troubles and trials can no longer afflict the children of God.


Are our lives in the pits? If so, there is a way out.

Let us submit ourselves to God.

Let us send our worries to God.

Let us strengthen our walk with God.

Let us see the work of God in our lives.

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