Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Jesus Calling You?

Mark 1:16-20

The public ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ had commenced.

He called certain people to salvation and service.

Let us consider the characteristics of His call.


His Call Is Personal

The Lord Jesus Christ walked up to those boats.

He called 4 specific men in those 2 specific boats.

He called them and dealt with them personally.


The Lord Jesus Christ called them when they were busy in their works.

This was the second encounter these men had had with Jesus.


The first time when they met Him (John 1:35-42), they were called to salvation.

Here, they were called into His service.


His Call Is Private

The call was felt in the hearts of the 4 men who left all to follow Him.

Their hearts were touched.

They felt a strange power drawing them to go after the Lord Jesus Christ.


His Call Is Public

These men are called upon to make a public stand for the Lord Jesus Christ.

They are called upon to publicly line up with Him.


His Call Is Precious

These men were nothing special.

They were just ordinary fishermen.

But the Lord Jesus Christ chose them.

He called them to be the first of His followers.


It is a privilege and a blessing beyond comparison!

It is a thing most precious!


His Call Is Pricey

These men were called upon to make some really expensive choices.

They were called upon to leave their friends, their family, their fortune, etc.

They were to give up everything to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet they determined that the price was worth paying.


His Call Is Powerful

When the Lord’s call came, these men left their nets and their profession without question.

When Jesus called, they left everything to follow Him immediately!

They stepped out of their ships.

They stepped away from their lives.

They went after Jesus.

And they experienced a powerful change of life.

Their lives were never the same again.

They were walking in His direction, to His destination, at His speed and in His steps.


His Call Is Profound

All these men knew was the life of a fisherman.

But from now on, they would be angling for men.

They would cast the Gospel net into the sea of humanity.


The Lord Jesus Christ passed by those boats by the Sea of Galilee that morning.

He called 4 specific men.

And their lives would never be the same again.


How about you?

Is the Lord Jesus Christ calling you?

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