Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Touch That Transforms

Mark 1:40-45

In this account of the healing of the leprous man, we can see the compassion and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A Sick Man (40)

The Nature Of His Ailment

Leprosy is a highly infectious and incurable disease in Bible times.

It attacked the nervous system, compromising the body’s ability to feel pain.

One of the worst aspects of leprosy was the social isolation it brought.


The Nature Of His Approach

This poor leper came to the Lord Jesus Christ when he heard His Word.

Faith was awakened in his heart.


It took great courage for him to approach the Savior that day.

He risked stoning, humiliation and death to get to the Lord.


His fellow lepers tried to discourage him.

But with great faith he went toward the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Nature Of His Appeal

This poor man came to the Lord Jesus Christ humbly and in faith.

He realized that he deserved nothing.

But he knew that if the Lord Jesus Christ wanted to, He could heal his body.


When this leper spoke, he acknowledged the Lord’s power and the Lord’s sovereignty.

He said “If You are willing, You can make me clean.”


A Sovereign Messiah (41-42)

The Messiah’s Compassion

The Lord Jesus Christ saw the poor man and saw His condition.

He did not shrink back in fear.

He was moved with compassion.

He had deep feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the leper.

He had a strong desire to alleviate his suffering.

He stretched out His hand and touched him.

Oh how glorious that one touch must have felt to this man!


The Messiah’s Command

The Lord Jesus Christ simply touched the leper and gave a command for him to be clean.

Instantly, His leprosy departed.

His deformed body was made whole again.

His face was normal again.

His shattered hands and feet were restored to wholeness.

The ruined skin was instantly as smooth as a baby’s.

The defilement of his disease was immediately taken away.

Everything changed when the Master spoke!


A Strange Mandate (43-45)

The Demand

As soon as the Lord Jesus Christ healed the man, He sent him away to the priest at the temple.

This man was told to go and fulfill the requirements of the Law for his cleansing.

This leper was told to go and present himself to the priest and get a certificate of cleansing on the basis of a ceremony in Lev. 14.


The Disobedience

What a testimony it would have been when that poor old leper was glorious cleansed and applied at the temple for cleansing!

This miracle would have notified the priests that the Messiah had come!


Sadly, the man disobeyed.

What would have been a great testimony went untold.


The Lord Jesus Christ told the man to tell no one but the priests.

But the man went out and told everyone but the priests!


The leper disobeyed the command of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a result, the Lord Jesus Christ was forced to move His ministry into the country.

Many who could have heard the Word of the Lord never did because of one man’s disobedience!


Are we like this poor leper before he was cleansed, afflicted and devastated by sin?

If so, there is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let us come to Him and find cleansing and a new life!


Maybe, like this poor leper, we have been cleansed, but there are areas of disobedience in our lives.

And the Lord can’t use us to our fullest.

Today would be a good day to get down before Him and get that right.


Wherever we are in our spiritual journey, The Lord Jesus Christ cares!

He is ready to reach into our lives and touch us at the very point of our need.

He stands ready to help us, if we will simply come to Him in faith as this poor leper did!

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