Friday, August 28, 2009

A Stolen Purse

It was one of that late mornings when everyone was busy doing their own works.

One of my school colleagues was organizing a motivational talk for one of the examination classes.

She was one of school counselors.

And she was diligent and dedicated to her works.

A speaker had been invited from other school.

It had been her routine to leave her purse in the beg together with many other things.

It had also been her routine to take out her purse from the beg in front of the students

And we all knew that students were observant.

They might have discussed among themselves about the teacher's belongings.

Some students must have taken notice of her negligence,

Some students might have planned to steal her purse and other belongings.

And it happened today.

Her purse was stolen.

As usual, she left her beg on a table in front of the room and went elsewhere to take care of other businesses.

When she returned, she discovered that her purse was stolen.

It was smart of her to inform other teachers immediately about the stolen purse.

A thorough search for the stolen purse was carried out.

An interrogation among the students in the class was carried out fast.

After much probing, it was discovered that one of the boys had stolen her purse and left the room.

The boy was later caught by one of the teachers at the school gate but the purse was not with him.

Later the boy met the teacher and returned her purse.

He claimed that he had found her purse dropped down under the table.

He had picked it up and kept the purse for her; he was scared that other students might want to steal it.

The teacher was happy with her recovered purse.

She made up her mind not to probe further.

Instead she thanked the boy for his kind gesture.

She checked her purse in front of the boy and was happy to discover that nothing was stolen.

The boy grinned.

And the teacher heaved a sigh of relief.

It was a good lesson for her and for all of us not to leave our personal belongings behind while doing our bidding elsewhere.


Ria said...

How true. I am guilty of leaving my purse in my bag by my desk all the time. I am happy that it so far has never been touched, but must I wait for that to happen before I take care of it better?

Shinade aka Jackie said...

What a wonderful share. I guard my purse with my life. But, my youngest daughter leaves her's every where and is always losing it.

The last time she left it somewhere they were on vacation and had driven 200 miles before she realized it was gone.

So they had to turn around and make the drive back. This time she had not been lucky like all the other times.

Her bag was there but the $200 in cash was not there.

Thank you very much for hosting my add today!!

I hope you have a terrific week and I apologize for being late in returning visits.

I have had technical problems for the entire last week.

Happy day!!:-)