Thursday, September 3, 2009

Always Hungry For Food

Babies are always hungry for milk.

We then introduce them to solid food (cereal)in later months.

Children are growing fast and need lots of calories. They are always hungry and eats whatever is sent their way.

And so are we adults. Some of us always seem to be hungry.

Every time we go out with friends, there must be food involved.

Every time after a hard day's work, we must go for a heavy meal.

And some of us just cannot stop eating, before, during, and after every activity.

Now, this is funny. Some of us are still hungry even after a big meal. Some of us are still hungry after eating 2 triple cheeseburgers, large fries, chicken salad, large soda, ... Some of us are still hungry after two or three or four helpings.

Those of us who are overweight always claim that we cannot lose body fat because we are always hungry. This may not be true. It can always be our lack of willpower to control eating.

And it is really difficult to stop thinking about food when we are on a diet.

Are we overeating because we are always hungry? Has our appetite increased, causing excessive hunger?

There may be a medical explanation as to why we are always hungry.

What is hunger? It is the bodies search for minerals. If we eat high mineral food, we become full and satisfied a lot easier because our cells have what they need to work. We are then able to have high energy levels and are not too stuffed and lethargic to get on with our day.

Doctors explain that fruits, vegetables and grains burn off in 2 hours or less, but meat will sustain for longer periods of time.

If meal time is like trying to fill a bottomless pit, we may need to look at what we are fueling your body with.

Overeating is the main cause of obesity.

Oh, how I wish that I am not that hungry....

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cornyman said...

Hello Yeo Kee Hui,

yes, in our world of living and doing all things the FAST way, we forget that there should be a time where we are allowed to slow down and enjoy our meals.

But instead we sometimes walk in the fast food restaurants because we thing we're lack of time. Instead of waiting 15 minutes for a proper meal with good nutrition, we prefer it to be fast and unhealthy.
The Land of McDonalds is one of the best (worst) examples for this.

Hope we can change this attitude in the future!

Greetings to Sarawak from KL!


EddieGarcia said...

I know I eat too much at times, but I just enjoy eating. I need to drop 20 lbs but I'm not willing to starve myself to do so. I know that if I start eating the right foods at the right time, then and only then will I lose this access fat. Thanks for the post!

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