Saturday, November 7, 2009

These People Don't Always Bite You

Once I used to get very mad at those who habitually spoke behind people's back.

I just didn't like their petty and trash talk about others.

Those insinuating and offensive words about others often caused me upset and made me angry.

Those bombastic and ironic words could often penetrate the deepest heart, torment the thoughtful mind, and dampen the desire and enthusiasm of others to thrive and develop.

And I always wondered just what type of man they are, wasting so much time and energy meddling into the affairs of others.

And they were always so arrogant and self-righteous.

... and so quick to marginalize and ostracize others.

... and so rude and bad mouthed.

It was really horrible....horrible...

And they continue to haunt me today, bringing me daydreams and nightmares.


... I will try my very best to avoid them

... I will try my best to escape if I am caught in a backbiting session.

But sometimes I am stuck... and have to hear them talking bad about relatives, friends, and colleagues.......

Oh..... those foul mouths.

Oh..... I really have a lot of bad remarks about them.

But lately, my friend came up with a good idea.....

They love to talk bad about us......

... because we are beautiful.

... because we are more clever.

... because we are more happy.

... because we have more friends.

... because we are ........and have ........

So the next time if others are talking behind your back....

Believe me.... they maybe praising you.

But don't come near them...

... because they maybe feel shy.

Smile and have a positive outlook always.

These people don't always bite you...

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Gladdy Peter said...

Dear Mr. Yeo,
More often than not, I used to have this teething thoughts- why do people gossip? There are so many things to do to occupy oneself. If one says he has no time, it amuses me to note that why is that there is time for someone to say unproductive things about others,especially behind you.The latter is yet to learn to be humane. At least you, you stirr me up. I am not alone! Excuse me!