Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rambling Thoughts On Love

God said "Love your neighbor like yourself".

This is a commandment of God and we must keep it.

But too many of us treat this commandment as negative.

And we keep the commandment to the very minimum....

God said "Love your enemy".

This is a commandment of God and we can have no other option.

But many of us see this commandment as too way...

And we wouldn't do anything, not even a smile or a greeting.

But over years, as we delve into God's Word, we find many wonderful truths in these commandments.

The commandment to love our neighbor and enemy makes us realized just how careless and negligent we live our life.

Many of us don't even keep a record of our daily activities.

Many of us still have a lot of bad habits.

Many of us have poor attitude.

And this command to love others means we must learn to love ourselves.

We can never love others if we don't love ourselves.

Look at the way we patronize every conversation.

Look at how possessive we play games.

Look at our commanding attitudes and actions.

Time to change and correct ourselves.

Yeah, love others as ourselves.


philly5113 said...

This is an important commentary. Thanks for bringing it. It is not always easy but it is true that we should conduct ourselves towards others as we would like to be treated and to always remember that every day brings its own challenges and joys.

Angel said...

That's something to think about..