Saturday, March 6, 2010

True Friends

It is sad and painful to realize that someone dear and familiar is avoiding us.

It is even more disheartening and disappointing if we overhear them hurling abuse and insult at us.

But that is the nature of friendship when it goes sour and when enmity grows.

We can no longer see things eyes to eyes. And every time when we meet, there is a tendency that they can't stand the sight of our presence, our manners and habits, and they will try hard to go against us, or put on a long and sour face.

And that is a reality of life. We never know where friendship will bring us.

It is just like when we plant some flowering plants. We plant them on good soil with the intention that they will grow well. We water them regularly, fertilize them, and take very good care of them. We spend much time and effort on them, waiting and praying for them to grow and blossom.

Sometimes some people may step on them and many die. Sometimes they just wilt and die on their own. Of course, there will still be those that will grow well and produce beautiful flowers of many shades of color. And it is very nice to hold and behold!

Who doesn't want a lasting and enduring friendship? Who doesn't want an intimate and loving relationship? Who doesn't want an understanding and caring fellowship? And who doesn't want a caring and helpful circle of friends?

We all know and understand the essences of friendship. But as it is, we are too self-centered and self-pleasing, wanting everything our way. And so, instead of cultivating friendships and building up relationships, we tear down and destroy every friendship that do not go our way.

Broken friendship can be both our faults and the faults of others. It is necessary to examine and judge ourselves first before we throw the first stone. After all, one hand alone cannot clap!

The desire to mend and repair broken friendship is both necessary and imperative. Friendship counts and is very important to our lives. We may not treasure it now but we definitely will when we grow old. Let's redeem our love before it's fallen apart.

But if we cannot continue our friendship, then we should let it go. We need not have to be sore about it. It is just a natural process of life; friendship comes, friendship goes, but life goes on until we are called home.

We have planted our friendship with sincerity and love. We spend much of our time and effort to make life better for everyone of us. But if it is destined that our ex-friends are no longer together with us on our journey of life, so be it. We don't hold grudges against them and make life difficult for everyone.

Some friends are for a time. They are there for specific purposes and goals. And when we can't and don't see things together, we have to part and go our separate way.

And so as we grow and age, we have fewer and fewer friends. But then, we have more good and caring friends, where we can speak our hearts out, and have our feelings and thoughts known.

It is good enough to keep our peace if friendship does not materialize. After all, it is the care and the love of peace and harmony that we live together in a community. We need not seek to aggravate the stressful situation by causing more collisions and afflictions.

True friends are forever. But just how many can we find?

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

Very well said and I agree with you. Sometimes as much as we may want to keep the friendship the only thing left to do is let it go. I am struggling with this situation now and it is tough.