Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother Day

I never know it can be like this,

That my love can become a habit, my habit a routine,

And I have forgotten to express my love for my Mother for so long.

I never know it can be like this,

That my love for my Mother can be like the air I breathe,

So plain and ordinary, and I have never detected its presence.

I never knew it can be like this,

That I can leave our wonderful relationship, and go for another,

Like the water we drink, that comes and goes.

And so as we grow over the years,

And our mother continues to get older,

We have left her, more and more,

And we have become cold, and neglect our roles as children.

Until that day,

When our mother becomes ill,

And lies down in hospital,

We feel panic, upset, and most of all, unprepared,

And we have the deepest concern, sorrow, heartbreak, regret, and grief.

We look at our mother and feel her helplessness,

Our only wish is for her to get well and stay well.

Please, Mother………………

- Dedicated especially to those who still have their mother with them.

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