Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Had Forgotten My Watch

I had forgotten to put on my watch today.

I only realized it when I reached my workplace 15 minutes later.

I shook my left hand, suddenly felt very uneasy without my wrist watch.

My mind went blank. I forgot my next course of action; I just didn’t know what to do.

I hesitated in my van, very anxious to go home.

It was a good looking watch and I loved it very much. And it was a gift for my excellent government service in 2001.

It was not pricey but it was meaningful to me. I had kept it clean and shiny, and I had not dropped it at any time.

It was still an accurate mechanical watch. The only problem I faced was to adjust the date, since it had 31 days every month.

I finally made up my mind: I must go home.


I believe when we get used to certain things, we simply cannot live without them.

They mean so much though seem so trivial.

In the course of time, they become indispensable and essential; we just don't know what to do without them.


Life is not simply to have more of everything we want.

It is also how we value, treasure, and cherish them.

I miss my watch; without it, life is incomplete.


Now that I have put on my wrist watch, I walk with confident and a smile.

My watch may be ordinary, but it helps to keep and maintain my dignity.

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Jonas J. said...

there are two things that can make me go back... my wallet and my mobile phone. i simply cannot complete my day without them.

just dropping by :)