Friday, May 21, 2010

Many Things Right On The Head

The Quality Assurance Sector from the Education Department is paying the school a visit on Monday next week.

The head of department of every subject is busy getting ready their documents; they are required to hand in their files today.

A room has been set aside for the purpose of sorting out and arranging the files.


When the news first reached the staffroom, the teachers concerned shook their heads, frowned and mumbled. Not again, their cried.

We are having our term exam; the teachers are busy marking the exam papers.

And we have just celebrated our Teacher’s Day.

A whole hectic week and now the officials from Headquarter are coming to assess us.


The Management Committee of the school requires every head of department to submit hard copies of their teaching plans, activities and attainments.

Many have practiced to keep soft copies of everything in computers, thumb drives and hard drives. Some have even published them in various websites!

Now, come the breaking news! Send hard copies only!

Gone are the smiling faces; worry and anxiety are written all over the faces.

Sigh! They have to work through the night, yet again.

Do you still think teaching is easy with all these sudden disturbances?

Oh yes, many have suggested that teachers must concentrate on teaching and learning only, not administration. When? When will that happen?

It is not unusual for many "important" things to come together on the same date for teachers.

But who will know, and who cares?

Now which to submit, soft copies or hard copies? How?

The teachers smile in tears, and their children cry along.

Oh please don’t cry; it’s Happy Teacher’s Day.

Now I wish you well – when you have so many things right on the head!

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