Sunday, July 4, 2010

It’s Not Easy

It's not easy,

But it has to be done.

We plant a seed, we want it to grow; we want it to become a tree.

We bring up our children, we give them quality time and attention;

We teach them to love God and to respect authority,

We give them care, guidance and education,

We want them to be stronger, smarter, happier, and wiser,

And we want them to excel in academics, athletics and social life.

It's not easy,

But we have done all we can to bring them up;

We have seen them improve by leap and bounce,

We have seen them triumph over many trying circumstances,

And we have seen them grow, prosper, blossom, succeed and thrive.

It's not easy,

Now that we have to let them loose and let them go;

But we don’t want to tie them down,

In fact, we encourage them to chase after their many dreams,

We give them freedom and responsibility,

And we train them to be independent and strong.

It's not easy,

Now that departure is imminent.

But it has to be done.

We send them away and bid them goodbye,

And we continue with our lives.

But our heart goes with them,

cry and laugh with them,

Wherever they are,

And whatever their life journey has taken them to.......

It's not easy.

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