Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Pondering Heart

Finally I realize there are many things that I don’t know how to do; finally I realize there are many others who know better and can do better.

And this realization sometimes brought me to shame and disgrace.

And this realization causes me to want to learn more and become more involved in all that I do.

But ultimately I am brought down to my foolish pride.

No man is an island; whether we like it or not, we are brought to submit and thank others for the many things that we have and are enjoying now.

We are indebted and dependent on others for everything and anything.

And ultimately it is the Almighty God that we owe our existence, our providence and our sustenance.

After living almost half a century on this earth; after seeing what have transpired and continue to transpire before me, I realize the folly of self pride.

Sometimes I wonder why the Almighty God did not reveal to us clearly our talents and abilities; He has left us to explore and discover on our own.

Over the years we have made many bad decisions and stupid mistakes.

And it has taken much time and effort to discover, polish, and perfect our specific skills and talents.

And with them come self pride and gratification.

Until the day when we are brought down to our knees that no man is an island.

Then we begin to feel thankful and grateful for what others have done for us.

Life is a journey of exploration and discovery; but sometimes it just takes too long and exhausts too much energy.

Sometimes I feel jealous and envious of others who have made a success with their lives. They have discovered what they can do earlier and they are making full use of it.

But sometimes I feel angry and resentful at those who know about their gifts and abilities but hide them away to rot; they have no intention to make use of what they know and know better.

I do hope that I can discover at my own pace all my talents and abilities.

I wish I can make full use of my life, for the sake of myself, others, and the whole world.

Half a century has almost gone.

What will the half bring?

More reflections and more regrets?

More hard work and more effort?

I don’t know……. I only hope that I’m not too late.

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