Friday, July 9, 2010

Silly Jokes

Sometimes a silly joke can brighten up the day.

But we use them sparingly.

My friend is rather depressed these days.

He was summoned for a very minor traffic offense few weeks ago, and now he was given another one.

His wife was cheated into buying a fake cell phone battery that couldn’t be recharged.

The eldest son was having bulging red eyes with very poor visibility after many hours in front of the PC.

And the family faces acute financial constraint since all the children are in school and universities.

We sit opposite one another, and we used to talk and have fun together.

Sometimes we create innocent and silly jokes and laugh out loud.

It helps to minimize our stress level and encourage us to carry on with our daily tasks.

Sometimes 24 hours a day is just not good enough when we are the only bread winner and driver.

Everyone needs our attention and action.

Sometimes I do feel rather depressed and sad too when I can’t find time for myself.

Initially I just don’t have time for all the silly jokes.

But now I do feel a little help from stress.

When our friend was grumbling about the shopkeeper who sold his wife the fake battery, he looked very angry; it was not good for him.

So we created a few silly jokes to help him to relax.

We told him to buy car battery instead from a famous tire shop in our small town and if he needs good dentures he should look for this good dentist in our town.

We have a good laugh with swelling tears.

Stupid jokes like these sometimes help us laugh and forget the problems.

Of course, they are not good practices and can sometimes lead to misunderstanding if use inappropriately.

Sometimes we, masters of the house also need attention from the house.

We also can break down easily.

If only they know.

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