Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Promising Day

It was foggy and misty; the air was fresh and cold.

It was a fine sunny morning, a promising day for work, leisure, romance, and relationships, I told myself.

I was ready to go to work and my youngest daughter to school.

There were not many vehicles along the road. Many were still dozing and snoring loudly, I presumed.

The journey was smooth and unrushed, occasionally disturbed by reckless drivers who ignored authority and followed their own rules on the road.

My workplace was quiet and pleasant, and I loved the gardens and the surroundings.

As I alighted from the van and stepped onto the trail leading to the office building, I was surprised to notice that the grass was dry and bare, possibly because of too many people passing through it. It would soon be a barren trail, I sighed.

Nature has provided men with hope for the day when God's glory would shine on them.

Nature has provided men with joy for the day when God's blessings are poured upon them like sunshine.

Nature has provided men with patience for the day when God continues to bear with us and forgives us our wrongdoings.

The breeze was chilly and lovely as the sky slowly rose up into the sky.

The morning sun was bright; a promising day of hope, inspiration, and commitment.

I stretched out my hands and welcomed the day.......

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