Friday, November 26, 2010

Is She Interested In Me?

A girl is smiling quite often at you and she inquires her friends about you. How to know if she is interested in you?

Make you first move
- Be the first one to say and do something.
- Be confident.
- Make it obvious to her that you are interested in her.
- Get some eye contact and a smile.
- If you don’t, it will drive you crazy!

Initiate a conversation
- Say “Hello” or “Hi”.
- Smile at her.
- Introduce yourself.
- Start a friendly chit-chat.
- Ask her about her day.
- Ask her about her work.
- Find a common topic of interest.

Do something
- Find out a little bit more about her.
- Don’t be shy.
- Email her or Facebook her.
- Give her your contact number.
- Invite her for food or drink.
- Invite her to some social gathering.
- Invite her to a movie.
- But don’t rush things or you will end up regretting.

If the answer is no, Back away!
- Don’t feel sad – you are too good for her.
- Don't worry much - Someone maybe interested in you.

Have a nice day!

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