Monday, November 1, 2010

It Is Still Not The End

It's the beginning of November.

This is the final month to prepare the students for their public examination.

Time is really running out.

Many of the students started to look very worried; they are not ready for the sudden surge in demand, tension and uncertainty.

Some of them still looked very confident and purposeful; they had excelled in every test and examination and they are ready for whatever challenges to come.

Some students had given up some papers; they had wrestled with their weaknesses and inability, and they would be happy if they could somehow scrap through and pass their exam.

Others have virtually given up hope; they are never ready and now they have become the nuisance of the class. Sigh!

Every time I walked to the class, I entered with mixed feelings in my heart. I have somewhat conceded with the students' present success and failure.

This is my present batch of students and this much I can do.

But I’m not happy and I’m not satisfied.

There is still more that I can do.

This is not the end.

This is still not the final minute.

There are still a lot that I can do.

One final moment, one final big and quick push, and they may do better.

I smile confidently to myself, knowing that it is still possible.

There is still hope and there are still many things that I can do, redo, and undo.

Glancing intensely at my students, looking into their expectant and nervous faces, I could feel a pain in my heart.

No, no. I’m not ready to give up, not till they give up themselves.

It is just not human to leave them alone and walk away.

I can never neglect them and wait for their downfall.

I decided to sit down and carefully planning out something for them.

If they would only listen and do what I say, everything would be better.

A fresh morning is a fresh beginning.

And I could feel the morning air touching my face and my chest.

We are here to fight and win wars.

We are here to stand to the end.

Even fallen men must stand up and struggle against it.

It is still not the end.

I smiled confidently and walked over to my students to help them.

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juliet said...

Hello! This may be off-topic but I must let you know that I appreciate your EC drops for the month of October. Thank you so much!

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