Monday, November 29, 2010

Is Life A Cycle?

We reap what we sow.

That is a common saying I was taught from young.

I was sharing online on myLot when this saying struck me.

I was following a discussion: What do you think about people and "cycles"?

Basically the discussion was about life is a cycle; we reap what we sow. But how will it affect our children and our children's children?

We all have to bear the consequences of our choices.

If we sow good seeds, we will expect to reap good things in this life or in the life to come.

But, on the other hand, if we choose to do bad, we have to expect judgment and punishment.

Even if we go unpunished in this life, we will surely be judged and punished in the life to come.

But, sometimes, we feel frustrated when the wicked go punished.

And we get even more disappointed when we see them going from bad to worse!

We read these in books and see them in movies.

They stir up our anger and resentment; we sit down uneasily, moving from side to side.

We also feel very sad when the good deeds are not returned with good deeds, but with evil.

The good people died, leaving the children orphaned with no hope for the future.

We wonder why God allow these things to happen.

Where is fairness? Where is justice?

Life is indeed a cycle; we reap what we sow.

But the question remain: How about the children?

Should the younger generations bear the sins of the parents?

We all know that good things are passed on from one generation to one generation.

Everyone is happy about it.

But why not bad things?

The children have no choice.

They carry the family name.

They have to uphold the rights, dignity and responsibilities of the family.

And they have to bear the shame, embarrassment and guilt of the family,

Not to mention the prying eyes and the judgmental minds of the public.

Of course, they can choose to live their own life; but it isn't easy.

Life isn't that easy as to say and do what we want.

We are somehow related to one another;

We uphold one another;

And we bear one another's burdens.

Life is a cycle.

We reap what we sow;

And we deserve it.

But life has also a bigger cycle;

It involves the younger generations!

They have no choice,

Even if they choose to do things their own way!

What we do will always affect the others.

Is it fair?

Is it right?

I don't know.

As I say, no amount of reasoning will satisfy anyone.

But the facts remain:

We reap what we sow,

And our children will be affected.

Now which do you choose?

If you choose to get married, you make a good choice.

But be responsible,

knowing that your doings affect your children,

And your children's children.

If you choose not to marry, you make a good choice too.

But be responsible,

You still carry the family name,

And your actions will affect everyone near you.

Life is a cycle, many cycles.

We do not have much choice;

We belong together.

And we just can't choose to live on our own!

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editor said...

Nice article about life.I think life is a cycle