Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where Would You Like To Go?

You have a family conflict;
Everyone is angry at you.
You are very sad;
And you get very mad;
You can't agree with everyone;
You can't accept everything that is said.
You decide to walk out.
You slam the door.
Where would you go?
Life is filled with problems and conflicts.
We just don't know what to do;
WE just don't know where to go.
Most of us will choose a room;
A room to ourselves will be nice.
Here we listen to music, read some book, or do nothing at all;
Here we go online, chatting, browsing websites or watching streaming videos.
What if you are too angry?
What if you just want to go away?
Where would you go?
Some prefer the park or the zoo.
Here they admire the nature,
And enjoy the beautiful landscape.
Here they see the flowing water,
And the cute little animals.
Some prefer the library or the bookstore;
Here they enjoy a world of peace and tranquility,
Here they enjoy a world of dream and pleasure;
And here they enjoy themselves, away from people.
Some prefer a long walk
Or a long drive,
Heading no way......
So, where would you go?
Some want a quiet corner,
Or a peaceful place.
They just want to hide;
They just want to cry.
Some off their cellphone,
And do some shopping,
Until they are satisfied.
Some choose the mall,
Doing window shopping;
Watching movies,
And lose themselves in a world of people!
How about going to a friends house?
How about the fast food outlet?
How about you decide where to go?
Now it is up to you,
So where would you like to go?


Mel said...

i often end up taking a very long walk. said...

Good for you. At least you can settle down after that.

Kimmy said...

I get lost in music. I go for the mood that I am in. I put in the headset and escape in my world. We cannot control the world, our family, the people we interact with. But we can change how we respond. I am not always successful. However, I will turn to my headset and music as my first response quite often.

Thank you. I needed to know I am not the only one going through this sometimes. said...

I think I like that. I like soft music.