Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Love Just A Feeling?

Will you leave someone just because you don't feel for him or her anymore?

Is your love simply a matter of feelings?

Do you easily fall in love because of the throbbing ache of your love?

Will you reject love when your feeling is cold and lost?

Does feeling matter the most in love?

Some of us are like that, and we want it that way!

We fall in love almost instantly because of our feelings of love.

"It is love at first sight!" We said.

Our love is so attractive and have all that we want; we simply can't help falling in love.

Isn't it true?

Isn't it also true that we fall out of love equally easily when we decide to do so?

So where has that intense feeling gone? How is it that it can weaken and diminish just like that?

What do you think?

Is love just a feeling?


There is so much to love than our feelings.

Love is understanding and acceptance.

Love is commitment and determination.

Love needs respect, trust, and devotion.

Love is not just a feeling of telling someone "I love you".

Love is not just a feeling of telling someone "I don't love you."

No. It's more than that.

So the next time when you talk about love, keep in mind that it's not just a feeling.

Love is everything, and it means everything, and not just feelings.

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