Saturday, December 4, 2010

Which Time Of The Year Do You Like Best?

Some children wonder when is their Birthday;

They anticipate their birthday gifts and party.

Some dream of the Festive Season;

They miss the fun and the joy of coming together.

Some talk about Vacation Holidays;

A week or two to the outside world will be nice.

Some plan hard for their Engagement and Wedding Day;

Their eyes are beaming with love, joy, and hope.

Some look forward to their Graduation Day;

The time to be freed to do what they want.

What about you?

Which time of the year do you like best?

What have you in mind?

For myself, it's not the occasion that matters;

It's not the fun and the joy;

And it's not the gifts or the party.

It's the people.

It's the time to get together;

To love and to cherish,

To interact and to share,

To recall each passing moment,

And to spur one another on towards love and good deeds.

The coming Christmas and New Year Gatherings will be just nice,

If everyone knows the love, the joy, and the hope of coming together.


Evan Johnson said...

I like the winter months, the snow is great. Coming together is huge, it's very important to not overlook this.

Stevebethere said...

I also like the winter months i like from Halloween time through to march :-)