Monday, March 7, 2011

Release Your Burdens

As I took a walk round the park this morning, I could finally lay down my burden. It was a burden that I had been carrying for years. It was a heavy burden that had been weighing me down and not allowing me to breathe for a long time. But finally it was gone; it had faded away and disappeared, forever. I stretched out my arms, broke out into a broad smile; I was finally freed and truly very happy.

The road I trod was narrow, winding, and steep. It was always dusty and dirty, and filled with debris, broken glasses, bottles, cans, wood, dry leaves, etc. There were many cracks, potholes and other small bumps along the way. Nevertheless, it is still the best road for me to walk, I told myself, feeling rather satisfied.

I could feel the morning breeze brushing my face as I walked with long strides along the road lined with trees and flower bushes. And it brought across the fresh smell of the grass, leaves and the wooden scent of the trees and soil. I love the place; it helps to meditate on the words of God and to pray, I quietly told myself.

I saw a wine bottle on a set of stairs beside the lake. Someone might have come to release problems or to get drunk last night. There were cigarette butts everywhere. It is not easy to shoulder a burden in secret, but that is life, I sighed.

I walked faster and faster, more determined and focused on what I had come here for. It is a 5km walk in slightly more than an hour, I said to myself. Mt body began to ache, my legs, arms, chest, shoulder, etc were heavy, but it was an exciting, happy and contented feeling.

A few aged men and women were doing the morning exercises too. It was interesting to see them concentrating and focusing on what they do best. There is always a purpose in life and a reason to go on, and we must never give up or back off, I told myself.

Now entering my five round, I was perspiring and heaving deeply. This is my final round, I told myself. The traffic was heavy and more roads were congested. The morning sun was getting hot and the air was heavy, bad, and polluted. It is time to finish the morning walk.


Some people go to the park to release their stresses and tensions. Some people go to release their feelings and emotions. Some people go to meditate and pray. Some people go to release their boredom and loneliness, etc.

But they all have one thing in common;

They all try to release their burdens.

How about you?

How would you release your burdens?

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