Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life Is A Cycle

Life is a cycle of ups and downs. Sometimes we are up and happy; sometimes we are down and sad. And it all boils down to our age and maturity. Some of us will continue to be miserable and sad, while others are getting more cheerful and happy.

Some said life is a cycle of happiness and sadness. We can’t predict how long and how often we will be happy. And we can’t say how much pain and sorrow we have to go through in life. What we can do is to enjoy our happiness and sadness, and see how they bring us.

Some said life is a matter of sowing and reaping. If we help others with sincerity and love, we will be noticed and helped by others as well. What we sow will determine what we reap later in life. How true!

Some said life is a cycle of creating and repairing chaotic situations. There are times when we create troubles and quarrels, and we have people laughing, jeering, accusing, fighting, suffering and crying. And we begin to reconcile and mend the broken relationships, only to realize that it becomes more complicated, confusing and stressful at times.

Some had concluded that life is a cycle of starts and stops. There are always things that we do, undo and redo. Things don’t always happen the way we want; we become frustrated and angry, but then we decide to give in another try, and another try. Sometimes, when we are successful and satisfied, we still want to improve and advance, and so we try new things, under new situations; we eagerly want a greater challenge in life and be proud of our achievements.

For some, life is a constant cycle of sinning and repenting. Everyday is a battle against sins; everyday, there will be instances of victories and failures against sins, and there will be painful mourning, and happy hymns and prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God.

For some, life is a cycle of arriving and leaving. At birth, we come into this world; we live and stay for a while; we enjoy and suffer; and then we have to go home. Naked we come and naked we will go out of this world. There may be some who will welcome us when we arrive; there may be those who will mourn for us when we leave. But that’s it; there is nothing more.

To some, life is a cycle of pleasure and pain.

To some, life is a cycle of stages and seasons.

To some, life is a cycle of good and bad things.

To some, life is a cycle of giving and receiving.

To some, life is a cycle of finding and losing.

Do you believe life is a cycle?

What sort of a cycle is it to you?


Star-chuu said...

i believed that experiencing of this event in our life is one of the requirement of every individual how they driven their is how we value things that we encountered either it good or bad. The important is we are totally human that need something to salt our life. God bless Yeo Kee..thanks for sharing. said...

There are always ups and downs in our lives. And we have overcome many of the difficulties in life. And as we look back, we have many things to thank God for. Oh! Just how He has carried us through during those difficult times. God bless you, Star-Chuu.

Tomas said...

Thank you for the wonderful post that prompted me to think what makes me grieving, unfortunately too often. It is my failure to live according to what I have grasped till now. That makes my life into the cycle of finding and loosing, while it should be the growth into the full status of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such way the reality of the cycles as if talks about God's patience in dealing with us and his forgiveness when we acknowledge the true worth of our handicrafts. God's Love enables even the darkness from underfoot to reflect the heavenly colors. My life is the collection of the blessings I am receiving like all people around. We need just accept that consciously and with the gratitude. said...

A lot of time, life is very much a cycle of finding and losing. There are days when we are doing well and our lives become a blessing both to ourselves and others. There are other times when we fail to shine. It is wise for us to commit our everyday to the Lord God and seek His mercy and grace always. God bless.