Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Separation

Some people never once leave their own family. They feel so miserable when they have to leave the others even for a short while because of some emergencies and important businesses.

Some parents never once leaves their children. And so, when there is an emergency or some important business, and they have to leave their children for a while, they feel so difficult.

There are times when the father, the mother or both have to attend to some important functions in the office, or some emergencies in the parents or parents-in-law's home. It may be that they have to attend to some business courses or training, to make some business arrangements or cut some business deals, to attend to siblings who are getting married, or family, relatives or friends who fell sick or who have passed away, etc.

It is not easy for the mother to leave her children. They have such a strong bond that it is never easy to part for a while. But it has to be done. Besides, it is also good for the father to learn to take care of the children and stay close with the family for a little while.

It is also not easy for the homely father who has a very close relationship with his children to part with them for a while. But there is nothing he can do. Besides, it will be a good time for the mother to learn to handle everything in the house on her own.

It is good that we have advanced communication and transportation systems. We can still communicate with one another or meet with one another in a very short time. In the past, it was really difficult, and to leave our family would mean a heart breaking situation.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is good for parents to leave their family for a while so that they can learn to miss and treasure one another's present. The family will always have a stronger bond after the whole occasion.

It can be an emotional occasion when our children have to leave us because they need to further their studies elsewhere. And the moment of separation is also not easy; it is just not easy to say goodbye to our children when the moment comes. There is always a lump in the throat and watery eyes when it happens.

Family love and care always inspires and amazes us. We are not just put together to take care of one another. We belong to one another and we treasure one another's well being. It is just not easy when we have to part for a while.

So the next time when we have to leave somebody or the others in the family, we must learn to ponder, at least for a while. It is not easy for many people to face this situation even if it is very easy for you. Everyone has feelings and emotions, and it is never easy just to part by saying goodbye.

Remember, family separation is always tough, and never that easy as we think.

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