Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dreams Are Not Just Dreams

We talk about dreams, many of them. It is a topic that many of us would love to talk about when we are with our family and friends. And there are also times when we are alone and unoccupied, we would dwell on our dreams and fantasies for hours.

Everyone has dreams; there is no need for denial. I have yet to hear from someone who doesn't have a dream that he or she would want to fulfill. Someone once told me, "a person who doesn't dream doesn't know where he or she is going." And I think it is true.

We all have our thoughts, our emotions, our daily routines and experiences. Sometimes, when everything runs smoothly and exactly the way we want, we would be happy. But there are times when life is rough and tough and suck, that we wish it can be better.

Some of us love to talk about our fantasies and nightmares. We would spend hours talking about our pleasant and nightmarish experiences. Life can be pretty interesting joining those who appreciate life, though it can be rather frustrating and depressing mixing with those who are forever so pessimistic about their outlook of life.

Some of us love to dwell on the reality of life. We hate the cruelty, unfair treatments, harshness, and futility of life. We wish our lives can be better. We want our desires met and our fantasies fulfilled. We often would want to look for a quiet corner where we can find our peace, comfort, and strength in our difficult times.

Some of us talk about having objectives and set goals. And I think this is good if they are planned and carried out properly. Too very often we have people who have planned so much but have actually done so little, and those who have work so hard without much planning.

Some of us talk about knowing our true selves and our heart's desire. We must learn to know our strengths and limitations. We all know that we are talented but not in every field. But we always have this desire of wanting to improve ourselves and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Dreams are not ordinary; they can be real and powerful. Imagine how incredible it is when our dreams turn into reality.

Dreams are good and should be present in every soul. Dreams keep us alive; dreams get us going; and dreams give us hope for the uncertain future.

I have my dreams. They are not ordinary dreams. They are life changing dreams. They keep me motivated and hopeful; they give me strength and confidence to go on for a better life.

Dreams are not just dreams.

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