Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What To Do Next?

Sometimes our lives can be so stressful when we don't know what to do next. We have to keep up with so many important commitments in life. We have to deal with many appointments. And we always seem to have a very busy schedule, etc. Sometimes, when we are free to take a break, we bemoan the fact that we seldom have time exclusively for ourselves.

Life can be very rough and tough when we have so many things to consider and reconsider. It can be very stressful and tiring when we have to swim against the tides every time. It will be nice if there is someone we can trust to confide in, and if our loved ones can readily hear and listen to us.

Sometimes it takes a crisis before we are willing to reconsider and reschedule our tasks. Ultimately, we are forced to decide on what to do next and what to do away with for the moment. We just cannot continue to be tossed about by the waves of life.

I was very troubled lately with so many things coming at one time. My schedule was tight, and I myself was stressful and couldn't find the time to breathe properly. Life is too hectic and out of control, and it has greatly affected myself, my family and my relationships.

Then something happened. Somethings I desired very much to do were turned down. Initially, I was very unhappy. But then, after some time thinking through, I felt relieved. I remembered just how it had occupied so much of my time and I had sacrificed so much for it. Now that it is gone, forever, everything is back to normal, and I am able to manage my life again.

But it doesn't mean that life will be smooth going from now on. There are still many obstacles and hindrances in life that can stop me from achieving my full potential and goals. Oh yes! There will still be more struggles and pains ahead.

Our lives can be very simple if we want it to be. It can be very complicated and difficult too. Sometimes we just have to do more thinking and planning. We don't just go ahead with everything we want to do. There must be times for contemplation and reflection. We need not hurry too much and force ourselves to meet the schedule.

Our loved ones and family can assist us with our problems in life. Many of our friends are helpful too. And there are times when circumstances and situations change and we are able to see and do things in a whole new way.

But I believe it is important that we take rein of our lives. We don't want to be influenced and affected by every wind of change. We must always make up our mind on what to do next. We just don't want to be pulled by the nose to do everything and anything.

Life is a continual struggle, and it will never be easy for us to settle down to do what we want. But we must try. We must learn to manage and lead our own lives.

It is our lives.

It is our future.

And it is up to us to decide on what to do next!

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