Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Good Shepherd

Like King David, it is good to acknowledge that the Lord Jesus is our Good Shepherd (Psalm 23).

A good Shepherd knows his sheep and his sheep know him.

A good shepherd scouts out the territory and shows his sheep a path which avoids the dangers ahead.

A good shepherd feeds and waters his flock regularly.

A goods shepherd watches over and defend his flock against wild animals and robbers.

A good shepherd shears his flock, and not to skin it.

A good shepherd cares for his sheep, especially when they are sick and diseased.

A good shepherd is willing to give his life to save his flock.

And he always makes sure that he does not lose any of his sheep.

And the Lord Jesus is that Good Shepherd who even died for us on the cross.

Like sheep, we are easy prey for hungry wolves.

Like sheep, we are prone to wandering about aimlessly.

Like sheep, we sin and lose our way.

Like sheep, we are in need of a good shepherd to guard us and to keep us in the fold.

Like sheep, we are often overconfident in our own abilities, and begin to believe we can manage our lives without God's help.

But then, we are so prone to accidents and in the process injure ourselves and spend countless hours unable to rise again.

Like sheep, we need a Good Shepherd.

We need Someone we can trust...

We need Someone who will genuinely care for us...

We need Someone who will lay down His life for us...

The Lord Jesus is our Good Shepherd.

And we shall lack nothing.

He makes us to lie down in green pastures.

He leads us beside the still water.

He restores our soul.

He leads us in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

The Lord Jesus is indeed our Good Shepherd.

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Francis R. Barbour said...

Who is: "The True Shepherd" - but He who instructs us truthfully, into Yahweh's own words? And, for that reason alone, Yahshua was 'The Only True Shepherd'!

All the others who've come later have been liars - whether we have called them: "Priest", "Rabbi", "Reverend", "Minister", "Teacher", "Master", or "Preacher" - is functionally irrelevant... they're all liars, to some extent or another!

That's why, Yahshua said: "Test All Things - whether they be of Yahweh, or not!" And yet, we still just blindly follow: "The Blind Guides leading us into the ditch [ our own spiritual graves ]."