Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You See Anything?

Mark 8:23-26

The Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples returned to Bethsaida.

Some people brought a blind man to Him.

They requested Him to touch him.


The Preparation For His Healing (23a)

The Lord Jesus Christ took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town, away from the crowds to do His healing work.


He led him around the obstacles that were in his path.


He patiently led him along one step at a time, all the while holding his hand.


The Lord Jesus Christ leads the lost and the blind sinners, and brings them to the place of salvation.


Throughout our whole lives, the Lord Jesus Christ is working and leading us to bring us to the place of saving faith.

In every event, every circumstance, every tragedy and every blessing, He is taking our hand in His grip, and He brings us to Himself.


We can’t get to God on our own!

In our natural state we are dead.


It is the Lord Jesus Christ who comes to us, rescues us, and leads us to Himself.

He tenderly brings us along until our eyes are opened, and we can see ourselves for who we are and see Him as our only hope.


The Lord Jesus Christ leads us and works in the events of our lives to bring us to that place of faith and repentance.


The Process Of His Healing (23b-25)

The Lord Jesus Christ spat on the blind man's eyes and put His hands on him.

He was indicating to him that He was about to do something for his eyes.


The Lord Jesus Christ then asked him if he could see anything.

The man opened his eyes and looked around.

He said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”


This tells us that the man hadn’t always been blind.

He was able to identify the people around him as people.


This also teaches us that his healing was far from complete.

He could discern light and shapes, but he couldn’t see clearly.


Then, the Lord Jesus Christ touched him again.

This time, everything became crystal clear.

His healing was complete.

His eyesight was restored.


When the Lord Jesus Christ begins His work in us, we are totally blind in our sinful condition.

He brings us into conviction.

He uses this conviction to open our spiritual eyes and point us to Himself.


When we are saved, we are like the man in this miracle.

We see some times, but we do not see them clearly.

As we spend time with the Lord Jesus Christ in His Word and in prayer, He develops our spiritual sight.

He causes us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He makes us more like Himself.


The Postscript Of His Healing (26)

The Lord Jesus Christ healed the blind man.

Then He told him not to return to Bethsaida or tell anyone there about the miracle.


Bethsaida had been given clear evidence that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

But the people there refused to believe in Him.

As a result, the Lord Jesus Christ pronounced a curse on it (Matthew 11:21-22).

The people there would receive no more light.

That was why the Lord Jesus Christ took the man out of town to heal him.

That was why He told the man not to return to the town.


We are lost sinners, headed for the fire of Hell.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope of salvation.


He had died on the cross to pay for the sins of His people.

He had risen again from the dead to provide eternal salvation to all who would believe in Him.


Have we seen the truth that we stand in need of a Savior today?

Has the Lord revealed our condition to us?

Is He calling us to come to Him?


If He is, we must not delay.

We must come to Him now.

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